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Discover how Collibra clients are achieving 510% ROI

Using Collibra for their data governance and catalog initiatives, organizations are unlocking the business value of their data.

Data is increasingly at the epicenter of every organization, as companies look to become more efficient and data-driven.  The IDC recently conducted a study of Collibra clients globally to determine the business value these companies have realized by utilizing Collibra technology.

Considering four key areas: identifying and addressing new business opportunities, enabling data citizens, improving compliance and audit operations, and increasing productivity for teams to maintain, organize and secure data the IDC could see how companies were able to overcome their data governance challenges by using Collibra.

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IDC projects that companies achieve annual
benefits worth an average of $18.9M a year!

Organizations with teams that use the Collibra platform achieve:

  • 23% higher productivity by business intelligence and analyst teams
  • 27% higher productivity by regulatory compliance teams

  • 69% less time to locate data/reports
  • 28% lower frequency of data related errors

Turning data into a business asset.
“Our vision with Collibra is to enable our organization to increase the value we derive from our data as a strategic enterprise asset. Our strategy is to create a ‘data aware’ culture where critical data is clearly defined, understood, properly controlled, and accessible as appropriate across the organization.”