Trust your data

Trust Your data

Never before have businesses relied so much on high quality data for their day to day decision making, business processes, or regulatory reporting. Never before has data been so complex to consume or manage.

Data Management has become a critical business process. New business applications are needed to support this process.

Collibra focusses on automating data management processes by providing business-focused applications where collaboration and ease-of-use come first.


Business Semantics Glossary

Document business & data definitions.
Visualize impact & traceability.

Reference Data Accelerator

Manage complex code hierarchies.
Consolidate, map, and validate reference data.

Data Stewardship Manager

Document business policies & rules.
Implement a Data Helpdesk.

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The first mobile solution for Data Governance

from the leaders in Data Governance

Collibra is the first and only data governance platform to support mobile interactions for data stewards, managers and users. Now you can discover, use and manage your data from anywhere.


Automate Data Stewardship

Moving from excel and word to an integrated data stewardship platform will increase your efficiency and allow you to monitor your progress and ROI.
Make use of the Collibra out of the box operating model and data governance workflows.


Define the Governance Operating Model.
Monitor KPIs to drive progress.


Define, document, collaborate.
Review, approve, publish.


Implement & automate workflows.
Resolve data issues.

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Business ownership


Data is proving to be a competitive advantage for many companies. Business subject matter expertise, control and ownership is becoming an integral part of a data management strategy. Collibra facilitates business ownership and adoption by seamlessly integrating with business productivity tools like email, Word, Excel, intranet, and search.

No company puts so much effort in providing an business-focused and user-friendly experience.

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Integrate data management

Integrate data management

Data Management is a very broad and complex discipline involving many activities and stakeholders. A good Data Governance implementation will align these stakeholders and integrate the various activities to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency and controle.

Integrate Collibra's Data Governance Center with your data management initiatives:

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Data Management Practices

Master Data Management

Improve your MDM success with a dedicated Data Stewardship platform.

Data Quality

Involve business stakeholders in documenting, reviewing and monitoring business rules (results). Log and resolve data issues through an automated resolution workflow.

Metadata Management

Make your metadata management business-relevant.

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