Introducing Collibra Data Notebook


We’re excited to announce a new addition to the Collibra platform: Collibra Data Notebook. This innovative capability is the result of our acquisition of Husprey and represents a significant step forward in empowering data citizens to work more efficiently and collaboratively within Collibra.

In today’s data-driven landscape, organizations are grappling with increasing data volumes and the proliferation of siloed tools. Data scientists, analysts and engineers are often hindered by the need to navigate disparate systems to find and query the data they require for critical business initiatives. Even after locating data within their data catalogs, they often find themselves uncertain if it truly meets their requirements due to limited visibility into its contents. Moreover, the inefficiencies and frustrations arising from the need to switch between different tools for querying and gathering additional information only compound these difficulties.

Collibra Data Notebook: Query and collaborate around data

Introducing Collibra Data Notebook: a tool enabling you to query and gain additional insights into your data — directly within your governed Collibra environment. 

Beyond its querying capabilities, Data Notebook also enables ad-hoc data visualization alongside relevant context from Collibra Data Catalog to further enhance data understanding. Additionally, with a user-friendly text editor, you can easily document approaches and best practices that you can share across teams via data notebook assets that link directly to the data.

With Collibra Data Notebook, you can:

  • Query various governed data sources, including Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Databricks, and Postgres, directly from Collibra, utilizing existing credentials and permissions.
  • Create and publish data notebooks as assets, enabling the sharing of SQL queries, data visualizations, documented approaches, and valuable insights, making it easier to collaborate around data.
  • View useful context from Collibra Data Catalog alongside queries, making writing SQL queries faster and easier. 
  • Transform the results of your SQL queries into a variety of chart types with just one click to help quickly spot anomalies and trends. 
  • Share and reuse SQL queries via the query history so data teams don’t have to write them from scratch.

          Key benefits of Collibra Data Notebook

          Data Notebook helps you to:

          Efficiently identify the data you need

          With Collibra Data Notebook, you can seamlessly find and query data residing in various sources without leaving your governed Collibra environment. Eliminate the hassle of switching tools, as Data Notebook enables you to efficiently navigate through diverse data repositories within a unified platform.

          Accelerate confident decision-making

          With Collibra Data Notebook, you can query and visualize data quickly, allowing you to delve deeper into its contents. Verify that you’ve pinpointed the right data to inform critical decisions, empowering you to confidently make decisions faster.

          Facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing

          Share queries and detailed notebooks that link directly to your data, creating a central knowledge base accessible to your teams. This facilitates collaboration, enabling your teams to work together more effectively and learn from each other’s insights.

          Improve data transparency while remaining compliant

          Utilize existing credentials and permissions to help ensure that the right people have the ability to query specific data. Collibra Data Notebook helps to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies while empowering your teams to leverage data throughout your organization.

          Who benefits from Collibra Data Notebook?

          Collibra Data Notebook can benefit several personas within your organization, especially business/data analysts, data scientists, data stewards and data engineers:

          • Business/Data analysts and data scientists: Complex analyses require deep data and business understanding. Notebooks are the perfect way to link analyses or real-life examples so they can be validated, shared and reused.
          • Data stewards: When curating a new data set, data stewards often run queries in databases to validate the underlying data. Stop the back-and-forth between various tools.
          • Data engineers: Pipeline issues happen in production. Data engineers investigate and fix them by querying the underlying data. Notebooks give them the power of documenting these findings for auditing and collaboration purposes.

          Reduce your time to insights with Collibra Data Notebook

          Collibra Data Notebook enhances data intelligence by providing a solution for querying and collaborating around data within a single, governed environment. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use features, it empowers you to derive deeper insights and make more informed decisions faster.

          Learn more

          To learn more about how Collibra Data Notebook can empower you to reduce time to insights, schedule a demo or contact us today. 

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