Collibra and Databricks

Bridge the divide between business and technology

Accelerate data intelligence and maximize your Databricks investment

Collibra and Databricks are bridging the gap between business and technical stakeholders to optimize data modernization strategies and accelerate access to insights that drive business growth, improve efficiencies and mitigate compliance risks across disparate data sources.

Delivering trust, collaboration and compliance

Establish trusted data

Set your business users up for success with an enterprise data catalog with user friendly interfaces and workflows that accelerate discovery and access to the right data, analytics and AI models — the first time, every time — regardless of the source.

Drive cross-functional collaboration

Connect technical and business users and streamline collaboration on governance policies, workflows and data intelligence enrichment — across all data sources — in a common and intuitive user experience.

Ensure compliance across all data sources

Safeguard sensitive data, operationalize privacy and address global regulatory requirements across all data sources from a unified platform.

Dive deeper

Learn more about how to maximize your Databricks investment with Collibra Data Quality Pushdown.