Collibra and Databricks

Unified access to trusted data and analytics on the Databricks Lakehouse

Derive quantifiable value from quality data on a Lakehouse

Databricks and Collibra are working together to deliver a full integration of Databricks Unity Catalog and Collibra Data Intelligence Platform. Our vision will improve accessibility, data sharing, data quality and security by providing access controls,  tagging sensitive data, automating data quality, and enhancing enterprise-wide collaboration around datasets, workloads, notebooks, dashboards and models.

Learn more about how to maximize your Databricks investment with Collibra Data Quality Pushdown.

Enterprise data governance for Databricks Lakehouse

A unified view of data

Collibra provides native integration with the Databricks Lakehouse via Unity Catalog. View all metadata and an index of data assets, empowering you to find, understand and trust data by providing the complete picture around it.

Integrate siloed systems

With the integration between Collibra Data Catalog and Databricks Unity Catalog, customers have comprehensive visibility into relevant data with full context.

Get end to end lineage

Stitch together lineage from Databricks and other data sources across the enterprise, enabling the ability to audit the viability and trusted source of data. 

Automate data quality

Enhance your organization's ability to trust data using Collibra Data Quality & Observability on Databricks with a native integration. Leverage the latest machine learning models to provide data quality with no additional overhead on the data engineering team.

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