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AI governance

Deliver trusted AI for every AI use case

Organizations are under intense pressure to leverage AI as a competitive advantage. However, using AI without proper governance or visibility and control of the underlying data can lead to model bias, inaccuracies, legal and compliance implications, trust issues and more.


Potential contribution to the global economy by 2030 from AI1


EU AI Act penalty for non compliance2


CDOs who agree that data strategy is crucial for getting value out of generative AI3

Key initiatives

reliable ai

Reliable AI

Deliver AI that internal and external users can trust.

Only Collibra's enterprise data catalog, continuous data quality checks and governance capabilities help ensure the reliability of AI models and the data that feeds them.

Explainable AI

Traceable AI

Make AI transparent and understandable for anyone.

Only Collibra provides a purpose built AI governance solution that connects to data, policies and models. Critically examine and explore the lineage of all AI inputs and outputs and build externally referenceable AI model cards to instill trust.

Ethical AI

Compliant AI

Demonstrate adherence to all AI and data laws and regulations.

Only Collibra provides AI stakeholders — including Risk and Legal teams — clear insight and control to manage and mitigate risks, protect data and demonstrate legality/compliance with a single view across your entire data and AI infrastructure.

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