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Hosted by Jay Militscher

Hosted by Jay Militscher


About The Data Download

Join Jay Militscher, Head of Data & Analytics at Collibra, as he unites listeners around the importance of data and unpacks its impact on the world. Jay sits down with Collibra customers, partners and thought leaders to discuss some of the hottest topics in the industry from building a data office, to ESG, to the ethical use of data, and beyond. Welcome to The Data Download.


Featured episodes

speaker headshot

Data governance | 32 minutes

Generative AI and data governance: a powerful combination for business success

Can data governance programs evolve to provide even greater value from our data? That's the question we tackle with our insightful guest, Raluca Alexandru, an analyst at Forrester. We also delve into the need to combine data governance with AI governance programs to create one connected data intelligence strategy.

speaker headshot

Data monetization | 30 minutes

Transforming data products into profit with Stijn Christiaens

Data strategy in 2023 is no longer a mystery. As businesses embrace data monetization, it’s vital to understand how to convert data products into revenue sources. In this episode, we chat with Stijn Christiaens, co-founder of Collibra and Chief Data Citizen, who unveils the secrets of building a data strategy and bridges the gap between data and business language.

Data intelligence

speaker headshot

Data Citizens | 17 minutes

Baking cakes with data governance with Joe Wallace and Ryan Galloway

Recorded live from Collibra's Data Citizen's 22 conference, in this episode we talk about the importance of data governance with Joe Wallace, senior manager for Digital Asset Governance, Adobe, and Ryan Galloway, senior vice president for Moody's Corporation.  Listen as they explore some of the challenges associated with data governance and share tips for overcoming them. 

speaker headshot

Data Citizens | 23 minutes

We are all data citizens with Stijn Christiaens

In this episode, Stijn Christiaens, co-founder and Chief Data Citizen at Collibra shares what it means to be a data citizen, why it is important for us all to be data citizens, and why we need to think of data as a product. Stijn also shares why he is excited for Data Citizens 2022 and what it means to thrive with data.

speaker headshot

Data Citizens | 26 minutes

Harnessing the power of data intelligence with Heather Wentworth, David Mitchell, and Peter Vennel

Recorded live at Collibra’s DC’22, we are joined by the 2022 Collibra Excellence Award-Winners: Acceleration All-Star winner Heather Wentworth, chief data officer of Accelerant Holdings, Program of Year winner David Mitchell, senior director of engineering of Cox Automotive, and Collibra Ranger of the Year Peter Vennel, enterprise data strategy and execution executive of Equifax. They join us to discuss how data intelligence can help you solve problems and grow your business.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

speaker headshot

AI/ML | 29 minutes

AI is just math, not magic with Sarah Hoffman, Fidelity

In this episode, Sarah Hoffman, VP of AI and Machine Learning Research in Fidelity Investments, defines AI and its impact on our lives. She also describes the ethical challenges of data bias and what people are doing to overcome it, as well as why diversity and prejudice are significant concerns in AI development.

speaker headshot

AI/ML | 29 minutes

Inside Collibra: busting myths around data science with Gretel De Paepe

In this episode, Gretel De Paepe, senior data scientist at Collibra, shares what inspired her to pursue a career in data science and why she thinks data is so important in our everyday lives. She also tackles myths on artificial intelligence and machine learning and rectifies some misconceptions .

Environmental social governance

speaker headshot

Environmental social governance | 31 minutes

ESG: more than a buzzword with Martin Weirich, PwC

In this episode, Martin Weirich, Partner Financial Services Management Consulting at PwC, discusses the basics of ESG. Martin delves into the regulatory aspect of ESG and how it can help make the world a better place. He talks about shifting the perspective and the future trajectory of ESG regulations. He also shares the most significant challenges companies face and how to navigate them.

speaker headshot

Environmental social governance | 26 minutes

Inside Collibra: building a socially and environmentally sustainable business with Melissa Mavlanova-August

In this episode, Melissa Mavlanova-August, the Global Head of Equity and Impact at Collibra, answers the big question of "what is ESG?" and discusses the link between DEI and sustainability. She also highlights how Collibra is thinking about ESG and shares best practices about the initiatives and programs that Collibra is promoting across the organization. 

Data office

speaker headshot

Data office | 33 minutes

Data governance is like clean water with Joe Wallace, Adobe

In this episode, Joseph Wallace, Senior Manager of Data Governance at Adobe, joins us to talk about the importance of data governance. He shares how data governance works across an organization, and how Adobe has a vision to make trusted data discoverable for every user. He also shares what he believes is the future of data governance and connects the importance of good data to that of clean water. 

speaker headshot

Data office | 14 minutes

Building Collibra's data office with Stijn Christiaens

In this episode, Stijn Christiaens, Founder and Chief Data Citizen at Collibra, joins us to discuss the importance of data and the need to start a data office. He explains what inspired him to begin creating the data office within Collibra, and how this concept may pave the way for future companies. 

Data mesh

speaker headshot

Data mesh | 33 minutes

Data mesh or data mess, that is the question with Sonali Bhavsar, Managing Director in Data and AI in Cloud First, Accenture

How do you build a data mesh strategy? While this is not an easy answer, data mesh itself should not be a challenge. In this episode Sonali Bhavsar discusses how companies can start applying data mesh to their workflows. She also shares how Accenture can help clients achieve data-lead transformations.

speaker headshot

Data mesh | 29 minutes

Inside Collibra: treat your data as a product with Luis Romero, Product Marketing Director at Collibra

In this episode, Luis Romero of the Collibra Product Marketing team outlines the four pillars to data mesh. But this is only the start. Luis also dives into what Collibra is doing with data mesh in our own data office.

Data and ethics

speaker headshot

Data and ethics | 30 minutes

Don’t just talk the talk with Anna Hannem, Scotiabank

How do you ensure the ethical use of data across your organization? In this episode, Anna Hannem of Scotiabank shares her best practices and learnings when it comes to data and ethics. Tune in to hear Anna outline the importance of data and ethics today and where she sees the discipline going in the future.

speaker headshot

Data and ethics | 17 minutes

Inside Collibra: comparing your ethics framework to spicy foods with Simla Sivanandan, Senior Manager Data Intelligence at Collibra

What is data and ethics? In this episode, Simla Sivanandan of Collibra’s Data Office simplifies the topic of data and ethics by explaining how it impacts everyone across every industry. Tune in to hear Simla define data and ethics, why it is important, and how Collibra is building out our own data and ethics program.

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