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Hosted by Jay Militscher

Hosted by Jay Militscher


About The Data Download

Join Jay Militscher, Head of Data & Analytics at Collibra, as he explores some of the hottest topics in the industry from building a data office, to ESG, to the ethical use of data, and beyond. In this five part series, industry leaders from around the globe share their best practices, learnings, and predictions for the future.  But it doesn’t stop there…we also have five bonus episodes in this series that feature our very own Collibrians. These “Inside Collibra” episodes show how Collibra’s Data Office is tackling these complex issues.  Welcome to The Data Download!

Data mesh

Data mesh | 29 minutes

New! Inside Collibra: Treat your data as a product with Luis Romero, Product Marketing Director at Collibra

In this episode, Luis Romero of the Collibra Product Marketing team outlines the four pillars to data mesh. But this is only the start. Luis also dives into what Collibra is doing with data mesh in our own data office. 

Data and ethics

Data and ethics | 30 minutes

Don’t just talk the talk with Anna Hannem, Scotiabank

How do you ensure the ethical use of data across your organization? In this episode, Anna Hannem of Scotiabank shares her best practices and learnings when it comes to data and ethics. Tune in to hear Anna outline the importance of data and ethics today and where she sees the discipline going in the future.

Data and ethics | 17 minutes

Inside Collibra: Comparing your ethics framework to spicy foods

What is data and ethics? In this episode, Simla Sivanandan of Collibra’s Data Office simplifies the topic of data and ethics by explaining how it impacts everyone across every industry. Tune in to hear Simla define data and ethics, why it is important, and how Collibra is building out our own data and ethics program.

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