Collibra for healthcare

Invest in the health of your data

Putting reliable, high quality data in the hands of your data citizens is the perfect remedy for healthcare organizations. Collibra provides a central location to rapidly find and understand data so you can improve data literacy. By easily accessing trustworthy data, you can drive innovation, deliver better employee, payer and patient outcomes and ensure adherence with regulations including HIPAA.

How Collibra can help

Improve Data Literacy and Sharing

Overcome data silos and improve understanding of your data regardless of where it resides. Empower your data citizens to easily find trustworthy data and obtain detailed information with rich business and technical context.

Accelerate Self-Service Analytics and AI

Enable a one-stop-shop data marketplace to democratize the use of high quality data, empower data citizens to easily discover, understand and collaborate with data, derive accurate and timely insights and speed medical research. 

Ensure Data Integrity at Scale

Leverage adaptive data governance, machine learning (ML)-powered data quality and privacy to mitigate operational and non-compliance risks. Drive consensus on how medical research data, clinical trial results and more should be accessed, understood and used.

Future-Proof Cloud Migration and Data Modernization

Get visibility into migration impacts and see where data is being used. Visualize data flow and understand data dependencies. Save money and time by moving clean and accurate data to the cloud. Automate processes to improve data literacy, control access and maintain compliance.

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