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Cloud-Ready Data
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Get support from our trusted experts

All Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud subscriptions include customer support to promptly provide you with the skilled assistance you need.

All Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud subscriptions include customer support to promptly provide you with the skilled assistance you need.

Getting started

We know there can be bumps along the way, from initial onboarding through adoption issues and complex customizations. Our team of experienced support professionals is here to quickly resolve any technical issues.

Support Plans & Offerings

Offerings for every level of need

All Collibra Platform subscriptions include support that provides easy access to highly skilled technical resources with prompt response times to receive the assistance you need.

Standard Customer Support: Receive timely access to skilled technical resources.

Premium Customer Support: Receive an assigned support technician with SLAs. You will also receive regular status reviews and semi-annual service reviews. Contact your Collibra representative to upgrade.

Support Requirement / Feature Premium Customer Support Standard Customer Support
Named Premium Support Engineer  
Accelerated Response SLA  
Standard Response SLA  
Target Resolution SLA (Cloud Customers)*  
Bi-Annual Support Operations Review  
Priority Support Ticket Routing  
Standard Support Ticket Routing  
Regularly Scheduled Support Cadence  
Support Status Report  
24/5 Support for Ticket Submissions (24/7 for Severity Level 1 Incidents)  
Regional Support Hours for Ticket Submissions  
Technical Knowledgebase
Self Service online Tutorials and Courses (Collibra University)
Access to Collibra Customer Support Engagement Matrix
Authorized Support Contacts 4 2

* Collibra provides best-in-class target resolution SLA and it’s non-negotiable.

Collibra Support Portal

Everything you need at your fingertips

Visit the Collibra support portal to access customer support, submit new ideas, search the knowledge base and more. You will need your account information to log in.

Contact support

Submit a ticket to the customer support team for personalized inquiry resolution.

Schedule upgrades

Submit a cloud operations request to schedule upgrades and more.

Share an idea

Visit our ideation portal to submit a request for new functionality.

Find resources

Search the knowledge base to find documentation, tips and tricks.

Join the online community and knowledge repository

Connect with fellow Data Citizens

Join the online community and knowledge repository

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Join a live event

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