What’s new in Collibra Data Intelligence Platform

November 2023 release

Reduce risks and get even more visibility across your data landscape

Reduce risks and get even more visibility across your data landscape

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Reduce data security and privacy risks

New capabilities drive deeper privacy insights, enhanced data protection and improved enterprise security.

  • Enhance privacy reporting and analytics with our new API for Assessments

  • Ensure consistent masking across your organization with Bring Your Own Masking for both Snowflake and Databricks

  • Strengthen security by controlling access to data with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) for encrypting your Collibra data and backups



Improve productivity and expand visibility of your data with new API, usability and integration capabilities

New enhancements simplify user management tasks, provide a more complete picture of your data landscape and help you quickly find the data you need.

  • Improve user onboarding and management with a new System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) API that enables you to automate manual tasks

  • Expand understanding of your dbt Cloud and dbt Core data with the new technical lineage integration

  • Get end-to-end visibility of data transformations and usage with the new Databricks Unity Catalog* lineage integration (Public beta)

  • Quickly locate any type of data across all of your data sources with full data classification capabilities for Edge users (Public beta)

  • Expedite time to value with the new similarity tab in Data Marketplace, providing recommendations for similar data (Public beta)


Increase efficiency and reduce costs with new Data Quality Pushdown support

The new Data Quality Pushdown for BigQuery processes data directly in BigQuery, getting faster results with fewer resources.

  • Deliver trusted data for users of Google BigQuery with Data Quality Pushdown

  • Increase efficiency by scanning billions of records in seconds without a dependency on Spark, so you can process, access and use your data faster

  • Lower costs by securely processing data in BigQuery, eliminating fees for data egress


November 2023 release webinar

Missed our webinar? Watch the recorded session to learn more about the latest release.