Collibra Data Privacy

Discover and mitigate data privacy risk

Give your data some much-needed privacy. Centralize, automate and guide workflows to encourage collaboration, operationalize privacy and address global regulatory requirements.

Sensitive data discovery

Leverage advanced algorithms to classify sensitive data, improve accuracy and save time. Collibra customers pursuing data privacy initiatives are seeing a 14% rise in productivity.

Comprehensive data governance

Access accurate, trusted and compliant data and save time on privacy efforts. With Collibra, teams can quickly access the data they need and increase their gross productivity levels by 23%.

Native assessments

Utilize ready-made assessments to swiftly spot and assess risks in data processes, ditch error-prone manual tracking, and with our assessments API, access data for robust reporting and workflow initiation.

Persona-based UI

Give users the right information at the right time with the ability to allow privacy users to see high-level information and technical users to see more granular details.

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