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Collibra Data Privacy

Discover and mitigate data privacy risk

Give your data some much-needed privacy. Centralize, automate and guide workflows to encourage collaboration, operationalize privacy and address global regulatory requirements.

Sensitive data discovery

Leverage machine learning to classify sensitive data, improve accuracy and save time. Collibra customers pursuing data privacy initiatives are seeing a 14% rise in productivity.

Comprehensive data governance

Access accurate, trusted and compliant data and save time on privacy efforts. With Collibra, teams can quickly access the data they need and increase their gross productivity levels by 23%.

Embedded privacy by design

Simplify support for upcoming regulations, ensuring privacy best practices are followed for data retention, data minimization and compliant data usage. Reduce risks of GDPR fines of up to €20M euros or 4% of revenue.

Persona-based UI

Give users the right information at the right time with the ability to allow privacy users to see high-level information and technical users to see more granular details.

Dynamic data mapping

Generate a visual map of how data flows throughout your organization from source to destination, providing visibility into data sharing risks.

Automated workflows

Capture the what, why, where and how of data usage across your organization to support compliant data usage.

Integrated assessments

Conduct assessments with highly customizable, pre-built templates, enabling organizations to mitigate data risks.

Active metadata graph

Understand the relationships among governed data, enabling teams to operationalize data for privacy efforts.

Get compliant with current regulations

California Consumer Privacy Act

As of January 2020, California residents have the right to know what data is being collected about them, how it’s used and how to request access to or deletion of their personal data.

General Data Protection Regulation

Organizations must embrace GDPR compliance, operationalize it and be prepared for more regulations that give individuals rights over their personal data.

Make privacy compliance a core part of your data strategy

Easily discover, understand and protect sensitive data. Leverage automation and insights to accelerate privacy operations at scale.

Discover and protect sensitive data

Easily discover, profile and map data with a unified workflow. Apply a machine learning algorithm to classify data by category, sensitivity and user type to protect your business’s essential data.

Collaborate on a single platform across teams

Empower privacy, data governance and business teams to deliver privacy initiatives with business-friendly language and workflows via a single platform.

Automate privacy operations

Surface data context via maps and workflows to better understand how data is used. Leverage role-based permissioning for sensitive data to automatically trigger an approval process.

Be audit ready

Apply data quality checks to ensure compliance teams meet regulatory audit requirements. Customize reports or leverage out-of-the-box templates for both internal stakeholders and regulators.

Customer stories

Dive deeper into data privacy

Video (product demo)

Collibra Data Privacy: the tools for compliance


Required capabilities and process flow for intelligent data privacy


The struggles of manual privacy operations and data compliance issues


Records of processing activities with the GDPR and more

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