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What is a data citizen?

data citizen [ dey-tuh, dat-uh ]   [ sit-uh-zuhn, eh-sen ]

A data citizen is someone who is given access to data, uses data to do their job and has a sense of responsibility for the data. Simply put, you are a data citizen if you use data to do your job.

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Benefits of our community and knowledge base


Learning and development

Our continuous learning and development opportunities allow industry experts to stay updated on emerging trends and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving data landscape.


Networking and collaboration

Our community provides those in the data industry with the opportunity to leverage collective expertise, exchange ideas, foster innovation and drive industry-wide advancements


Problem-solving and support

Through forums, training and events, we support data citizens by promoting data-driven problem-solving, collaboration and access to trusted data for informed decision-making.

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