Collibra Data Intelligence Platform

A data intelligence platform powered by active metadata

With active metadata at its core, Collibra Data Intelligence Platform delivers trusted data for every user, every use case and across every source. Collibra creates the critical alignment that accelerates smarter decision making. Increase productivity and drive innovation — while minimizing risk and reducing costs — by using our unified data intelligence platform.


per year in business benefits1


3-year ROI1


higher productivity of data governance teams1


higher productivity of data analytics teams1

AI governance that starts with trusted data

Ensure AI uses high quality data while remaining ethical, unbiased and compliant.

A true enterprise data catalog

Easily find, understand and access data across all your data sources, applications and tools.

Adaptive data and analytics governance

Automate workflows, processes and policies to deliver trusted data for all.

Predictive, no-code data quality and observability

Proactively detect and resolve data quality issues before they become a problem.

Automated business and technical lineage

Automatically map how data flows, transforms and is used across your data landscape.

Intelligent data access governance

Discover, define and protect data across cloud platforms from a central location.

Privacy context for compliance

Leverage automation and insights to accelerate privacy operations.

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Tour our products

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Start a free trial

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