Collibra Data Governance

Deliver automated, federated data governance

Operationalize data governance workflows and processes for greater understanding and reduced data risk.

Drive a common, consistent understanding of business definitions

Define the terminology, rules and regulations with a business glossary for improved data usage and reduced data risk.

Enforce data access easily

Protect data assets from unauthorized access by assigning roles and responsibilities so the right data users can access the right data assets.

Manage and define data relationships that matter

Reconcile missing records and other inconsistencies between systems with reference data management for more accurate reporting and analysis.

Reduce the risk of compliance failures

Create, review and update data policies with centralized policy management to maintain compliance across your business.

Automate data governance processes

Easily design workflows to automate processes to deliver business-driven data governance.

privacy by design

Ensure data privacy

Reduce the cost and risk of compliance failure with automated enforcement of data policies.

dg data dictionary

Drive consistent terminology

Document metadata with details about its origin, format, use, structure and relationship to other data.

dg data helpdesk

Respond to data issues easily

Raise, manage and resolve data issues with automated incident workflows.

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