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Collibra Data Governance

Adaptive data governance that scales with your organization

Give all your people a single location to find, understand and create a shared language around data. With Collibra Data Governance, you can operationalize data governance workflows and processes to deliver trusted data for the people, by the people across your organization.

Intuitive workflows

Interact with common workflows and processes to facilitate a collaborative approach to governance.

Embedded privacy by design

Reduce the cost of compliance as you incorporate privacy into all of your data activities.

Data dictionary

Document your metadata with details about its origin, format, use, structure and relationship to other data.

Data helpdesk

Raise, manage and resolve issues by involving the correct stakeholders to increase trust in data.

How data governance improves your business

Collibra automates governance activities and provides cross-functional teams with a single location to find and establish a common understanding of data.

Quickly find, understand and govern your data

Leverage a single platform to get full visibility into business-critical data assets, including metrics, reports, APIs, models, data products and technology assets, with full business context attached.

Drive a common language around data to speed decision making

Build a business glossary to ensure clarity and consistency of critical business definitions and metrics. Create a shared language for data within your organization so that everyone has a single source of truth.

Leverage automation to keep pace with change

Blend machine learning and human intelligence to add and improve context around data assets. Automate your tasks so governance practices stay up to date as your business evolves.

Mobilize your workforce to encourage collaboration

Enable data stewards to join forces with subject matter experts and data owners through automated workflows, role-based dashboards and interactive views. Automate processes with out-of-the-box and customizable workflows for common governance and stewardship processes.

Ensure compliance and mitigate risks

Scale compliance processes more easily and efficiently, giving your business the confidence to trust authoritative data sources. Automatically find, categorize and map sensitive information. Understand where your data is coming from and how it is used with technical and business lineage.

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Video (product demo)

Collibra Data Governance demo: how to implement best practices

On-demand webinar

The journey to data catalog and governance success: a customer perspective

On-demand webinar

Data governance: best practices for getting started

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