Collibra for public sector

On a mission to deliver trusted data to government agencies

Government agencies world-wide rely on Collibra Data Intelligence Platform to innovate with trustworthy data, deliver optimal citizen experiences and meet Federal Data Strategy, Evidence-based Policymaking Act and Open Government Data mandates. With Collibra, agencies can enable data integrity at scale, drive greater efficiencies, transparency and auditability.

How Collibra can help

Get secure data intelligence with our FedRAMP authorized platform

Collibra is FedRAMP moderate certified and is designed to meet some of the most stringent cloud security requirements in the public sector.

Improve data literacy and sharing

Gain full visibility into your data ecosystem and put the right controls in place to improve data literacy and sharing. Become data-driven agencies by empowering your public sector workers and data citizens to securely discover, understand and collaborate with fully-governed data.

Enable data integrity at scale

Leverage adaptive data governance, machine learning (ML)-powered data quality and privacy to mitigate operational and non-compliance risks. Drive consensus on how data should be accessed, understood and used.

Speed intra and cross-agency collaboration

Rapidly discover and collaborate with trustworthy data at scale. Easily identify and protect sensitive and classified information. Meet Evidence-based Policymaking Act and FOIA guidelines. Give agencies a shared understanding of data with rich business and technical context.

Increase transparency and auditability

Use end-to-end data lineage to easily visualize data flow, understand data dependencies and trace data from source to target. Obtain detailed information on data transformations and comprenhensive audit trails for reporting purposes.

Future-proof cloud migration and data modernization

Obtain end-to-end visibility into migration impacts and see where data is being used. Save money and time by only moving clean and accurate data to the cloud. Automate processes and policies to control data access and usage so your agency can maintain compliance.

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