April 10, 2024

Collibra Unveils New Innovation for Data Leaders to Tackle AI Challenges at Data Citizens ‘24

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, today announced a series of new product innovations, including the general availability of Collibra AI Governance as well as the launch of Collibra Data Notebook, an updated user interface, and new generative AI features, collectively known as Collibra AI, that empower data users to more easily find, govern, and access data. The new release was announced on stage at Data Citizens ‘24: The Data Intelligence Conference.

Specifically designed for today’s data leaders, AI and risk teams, Collibra AI Governance provides full visibility and control, while ensuring the use of reliable data, across any tool, for every AI use case. Modern organizations have struggled to deliver responsible, compliant AI while lacking the confidence that the data used for AI can be trusted. As a result, organizations face a growing set of regulatory to operational and reputational risks associated with AI. Modern organizations need a data-centric solution that ensures improved AI model performance and reduces data risk. Using Collibra AI Governance, data leaders can start AI projects with trusted data at their fingertips.

Collibra also announced Collibra AI, a set of new generative AI features, which enables organizations to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate data quality and data governance functions. 

“With the general availability of Collibra AI Governance and the announcement of Collibra AI, we’re committed to making the work of data teams faster and more efficient by leveraging the power of AI,” said Laura Sellers, Chief Product Officer for Collibra. “By ensuring all data can be trusted, data leaders can reduce the risks of using AI and instead use it to drive responsible innovation within their organizations.”

Along with a new user interface, Collibra also announced Collibra Data Notebook. With growing volumes and varieties of data across the enterprise, data teams need simpler ways to query, reuse, and share data. Although siloed SQL data notebooks are a popular approach for discovering data assets using SQL queries, they lack integration with data catalog and data governance solutions limiting insights and creating compliance risks. Now with Collibra Data Notebook, organizations can get even more context, meaning, and insights from data found through Collibra. 

“We’re thrilled to debut the updated Collibra user experience and the new Collibra Data Notebook to our community this year at Data Citizens ‘24,” added Sellers. “These new innovations will increase collaboration and adoption for data governance leaders, data stewards, and data consumers navigating complex data ecosystems.”

"The updated design allows me to clearly view every section, which effectively utilizes the available space on the page. It also provides an easily accessible overview of the information I am seeking." - Chai Pacquing, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Governance/Data Quality, St. Luke's Health System

These new innovations to the Collibra Data Intelligence Platform empower data stakeholders to:  

  • Explore data with Collibra Data Notebook: Get SQL access to data governed by Collibra. Collibra Data Notebook enables data teams to quickly query and explore data, document data interactions and share insights for easy reuse and collaboration across teams. 
  • Drive data governance adoption with the updated user interface: Find, govern, and access data in Collibra with a modern, fresh and more approachable look and feel for all users. This includes the use of contrast, color selection, and visual separation to improve usability, as well as more customization options to personalize the Collibra environment.
  • Find relevant, trusted data faster with the Unified Search experience:  Find data more easily with a new, consolidated search experience across the Collibra Platform, Data Catalog, and Data Marketplace. This cohesive approach allows data consumers to seamlessly switch to a more filtered, user-friendly Data Marketplace view that shows curated assets they know they can trust.
  • Improve user experience by tailoring asset pages: Customize asset pages to a user’s specific needs making it easier for users to get started. These pages have been completely redesigned to provide a consistent experience across all asset types and come with out-of-the-box visualizations that combine multiple pieces of information so users can quickly find the information they need. 
  • Increase understanding and adoption using the updated and expanded usage analytics: See real-time insights on who is using Collibra and what they are using in order to quickly understand and improve usage across the organization. This includes enhanced filtering capabilities and expanded real-time analytics showing relative popularity of different domains, communities, diagrams, and dashboards. Additionally, adoption can be tracked with insights on who is using Collibra and how that usage has evolved over time
  • Enhance trust in reports with intelligent Power BI DAX parsing: Automatically parse Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to display transformation details and complete, end-to-end lineage for data used in Power BI reports — including measures and calculated columns. This enhancement leverages genAI to close gaps in lineage, improving visibility into data.
  • Automatically generate data quality rules from natural language: Convert business rules written in natural language into native SQLEmpower and use the power of LLMs to automatically generate SQL and view results without waiting for a technical specialist
  • Accelerate data curation with automated asset description generation: Populate asset details automatically in Collibra Data Catalog using the power of genAI to facilitate asset onboarding, accelerating adoption.

“We needed to add field level descriptions to our data dictionaries for our regulators. Thanks to generative AI Descriptions from Collibra, it was as simple as the push of a button to generate and a few minutes to review and approve. We got the request done in a matter of hours versus weeks.” Evan Loenser, Associate Director, Enterprise Data and Reporting, UCare

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