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Collibra partners with industry leading technology partners to help you accelerate time to value.

Expand Collibra solutions

Collibra partners extend and integrate with our software to expand capabilities available to our customers.

Data intelligence innovation

Collibra works closely with our technology partner ecosystem to drive innovation in data intelligence.

Gold Partners

Accelerate your cloud data journey with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. AWS and Collibra enable organizations to use data with confidence by integrating with flexible infrastructures and AWS services.

Bridge the divide between business and technology

Collibra and Databricks are bridging the gap between business and technical stakeholders to optimize data modernization strategies and accelerate access to insights that drive business growth, improve efficiencies and mitigate compliance risks across disparate data sources.

Trusted data to derive value from cloud

Google Cloud offers a suite of computing services that lets you build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google. Together, Google Cloud and Collibra enable companies to access trusted data to drive insights and improve business outcomes.

Maximize the business value of data with unified data governance

Collibra provides Microsoft customers with an industry leading enterprise platform that facilitates data intelligence on both Azure native and non Azure data sources. Our solution helps all data citizens find, understand and trust data, regardless of their role, technical aptitude or the underlying source of the data.

Deliver context and governance to data within Snowflake Data Cloud

The powerful combination of Collibra Data Intelligence Platform with Snowflake Data Cloud gives enterprises the ability to easily discover and scale access to trusted data. The unique features and complementary capabilities of both platforms enable enterprises to increase data usage, collaboration and ultimately help enterprises deliver faster insights and innovation.

Help your users rapidly find and understand data

Tableau is an interactive data visualization software company that helps people see and understand data; Tableau’s self-service analytics platform empowers people of any skill level to work with data. Collibra's partnership with Tableau began in 2015 and consists of our shared vision of a boundary-less enterprise data catalog in which users can engage with data inside Collibra's platform directly from Tableau, thus enhancing the overarching user experience.

Silver Partners

ALTR logo

ALTR allows organizations to easily govern and protect sensitive data in the cloud and to get more data to more users in less time

DataOps.Live is a software company dedicated to helping organizations build, test, and deploy their critical data applications and data products more effectively.

Denodo logo

Denodo transforms the way organizations innovate and operate their businesses by unifying their data assets in real time and making data ubiquitous and secure to all users and business applications.

Hackolade logo

Hackolade is the pioneer for data modeling of NoSQL databases and design of REST APIs.

Idera logo

IDERA designs powerful software with one goal in mind – to solve customers’ most complex challenges with easy-to-use solutions.

Mantillion logo

Matillion is data integration and data transformation for cloud data warehouses, bringing businesses new levels of simplicity, speed, scale, and savings.

Ohalo logo

Ohalo's goal is to make data aware of what regulations apply to it. This allows their customers to ensure that the correct data controls are implemented no matter whether data is within their own organization or at third party partners.

SecuPi logo

SecuPi delivers data-centric security with data-flow discovery, real-time monitoring, behavior analytics and protection across operational and analytical applications.

Starburst logo

Starburst is the analytics engine for all your data. We provide the fastest, most efficient analytics engine for your data warehouse, data lake, or data mesh.

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