Collibra for energy and utilities

Transforming energy and utilities with trustworthy data

Collibra empowers energy and utilities' organizations globally to speed innovation with data, accelerate time-to-insights, better understand energy consumption demands, and improve environment, social and governance (ESG) and regulatory reporting.

How Collibra can help

Drive transparency and consistency across financial, regulatory and ESG reporting

Empower cross-functional teams to easily find, validate and understand the data they need for financial and ESG disclosures.  Meet stringent regulatory requirements with comprehensive audit trails.  Trace lineage of datasets with detailed information to better understand data transformations.

Enable explainable AI and build models you can trust

Create a trusted repository of metadata that includes AI model techniques, data inputs, data features, expected outputs and more. Empower data scientists to easily discover trustworthy data with rich business and technical context so they can build robust data pipelines.

Accelerate data democratization and self-service analytics

Empower data citizens to rapidly discover, understand and collaborate with fully governed data that’s primed for self-service analytics and AI use. Easily locate, classify and protect sensitive data.

Future-proof cloud data migration and modernization

Get visibility into migration impacts and see where data is being used. Visualize data flow and understand data dependencies. Save money and time by moving clean and accurate data to the cloud. Automate processes to improve data literacy, control access and maintain compliance. 

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