Collibra use case

Data cloud migration

Power your data cloud migration with data intelligence

Accelerate your data cloud platform investment time-to-value with a migration strategy that fosters collaboration, prioritizes high-value data and minimizes risks — while driving post-migration adoption.


Organizations with a cloud-first strategy for deploying new applications1


IT executives who say data modernization is a key driver of migration2


Senior cloud decision makers who view cloud as the cornerstone of their digital strategy3

Key initiatives

Certified and accurate business reporting

Assess and understand data before migration

Organize and document data, establish policies and mitigate risks prior to migrating data to the cloud.

Only Collibra provides a business friendly approach to data collaboration and migration planning for a seamless and value-driven move to the cloud.

Data and analytics governance

Prioritize high-value data for migration

Don’t undermine the benefits of your data cloud platform by migrating inaccurate or incomplete data. 

Only Collibra combines the power of AI-driven data quality and end-to-end lineage to confirm data reliability, expedite root-cause analysis and minimize post-migration cleanup.

 Data compliance and risk management

Expand your return on investment

Accelerate time-to-value and drive adoption of your data cloud platform.

Only Collibra operationalizes the identification and prioritization of data for migration, while making it easy for data consumers of all levels to find, understand and access trusted data following a migration.

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