Collibra Data Intelligence Platform

Core Services

Make the Collibra Data Intelligence Platform a key part of your data strategy

Accelerate innovation across a wide range of use cases with our open, scalable architecture. Leverage enterprise-grade security and a flexible operating model to unify your business around a common foundation for data.

Key features

Core services flexible operating model

Flexible operating model

Design a data environment that meets the specific needs of different business departments. Unify the business on a common foundation.

Usage analytics

Real-time actionable insights on the usage of Collibra Data Intelligence Platform enables your teams to proactively monitor adoption and take the necessary actions to help maximize their investments in data intelligence.

Core services usage analytics

core services benefits

Design a data environment to meet your business needs

Customize Collibra Data Intelligence Platform to meet your unique data demands and business needs — and provide your organization with frictionless access to the data and information it needs to propel the business forward.

Accelerate innovation with open, scalable services

Take advantage of a microservice architecture, open APIs and graph-based metadata management to accelerate innovation across a wide range of use cases.

Enjoy enterprise-grade security

Accelerate security, compliance and privacy with support for enterprise-grade standards including SAML single sign-on, role-based access management and encryption.

Foster collaboration across all areas of the business

Enable collaboration across all areas of the business with Collibra’s intuitive user interface. Bring data, business and IT teams together to create a data-driven organization.

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