Collibra for retail

Drive customer loyalty with data you can trust

Give your teams a good dose of data therapy. Provide them with a single place to shop for trusted data to improve literacy, transparency and collaboration. Use Collibra to drive personalized omnichannel experiences, build customer loyalty and help keep sensitive data protected and secure.

How Collibra can help

Deliver personalized experiences

Drive more effective, personalized omnichannel campaigns by ensuring that your teams can find, understand and access valuable customer data from one central location. Translate this data into powerful insights to increase customer conversions across all touchpoints and channels.

Optimize your decision making

Leverage AI and ML capabilities around data governance, data quality, and privacy to operationalize policies and standards. Quickly understand the impact of data quality issues and breaches. Drive consensus on how customer data is used across the supply chain to optimize decision making and reduce costs.

Build customer trust and loyalty

Build trust with your customers by protecting their personal information and ensuring it’s not misused. Discover, classify and tag sensitive customer data at scale to maintain compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulatory mandates.

Accelerate data migration

Get visibility into migration impacts and see where data is being used through an enterprise-wide catalog. Save money and time by moving only clean and accurate data to the cloud. Automate processes and policies to ensure compliant access and usage.

Eliminate duplicate data spending

Collibra helps automatically identify duplicate data sets, enabling retailers to easily purge duplicate data and reduce costs.

Support data transparency

Retail analysts and marketers will always need access to trusted data. Collibra provides the ability to find and access high-quality data with full business context to accelerate analysis and business decision-making.

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