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Easily discover and scale access to trusted data

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Discover and protect data within Snowflake Data Cloud

The powerful combination of Collibra Data Intelligence Platform with the Snowflake Data Cloud gives enterprises the ability to easily discover and scale access to trusted data. Snowflake’s platform is highly flexible, scalable and elastic, supporting an enterprise's ability to access data across businesses and systems. Collibra Data Intelligence Platform, built with governance at its core, is open and extensible, facilitating data democratization and enterprise-wide collaboration.

The unique features and complementary capabilities of both platforms enable enterprises to increase data usage, collaboration and ultimately help enterprises deliver faster insights and innovation.

Easily find and access data

Data discovery

Snowflake’s platform stores data in the cloud at scale, while Collibra allows all types of data users to easily search for data with context across a wide variety of data assets, analytical models and KPIs.

Data access governance

Collibra Protect provides ease of use and a unified platform approach that leverages data classifications to build policies for protecting sensitive data. The policies are centrally created and managed within Collibra to protect, then pushed down to Snowflake for on-platform enforcement.

Data lineage

Collibra provides complete visibility and transparency of data stored in Snowflake Data Cloud. Technical lineage including column-level lineage and transformations create a complete picture of how data transforms, flows and is used from system to system.

Data quality

Collibra uses machine learning to detect anomalies, automatically generating data quality rules and reconciling errors. It centralizes and automates workflows to streamline data and analytics, increasing productivity with Snowflake.

By transparently delivering data everyone can trust, Collibra and Snowflake can help organizations boost employee productivity, meet today's regulatory requirements at scale and continue to innovate and grow.
Christian Kleinerman

Christian Kleinerman

SVP of Product, Snowflake

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