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Protecting a Company’s Most Valuable Asset: Its Data

Business data today is under constant attack from both internal and external sources. No executive wants to see their brand tarnished by a major news headline about leaked fingerprints or an external data breach. But increasingly, the biggest data leaks and risks originate from within an organization.

Take a Proactive Approach to Data Protection

It’s no longer just about finding and securing data: it’s about proactively capturing the full context of data, classifying what level of security is needed, establishing and adhering to the necessary controls, and implementing ongoing best practices to ensure data is managed safely and successfully.

Collibra provides the necessary foundation for any successful cyber security program. The Collibra data governance solution forms the basis for a data protection framework that’s ready to support the concept of data “Crown Jewels,” comply with increased regulatory requirements, and more – helping to protect an organization’s most valuable asset: its data.


Ensure Compliance with GDPR Laws

Collibra also supports new regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which make data protection even more complex and urgent. Fees for GDPR non-compliance are hefty and can range from 2-4% of a company’s global revenues. Collibra helps organizations quickly operationalize GDPR concepts, protect consumers’ personal data, and remain compliant.


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