A window to your data: Introducing the Collibra Data Marketplace

In November at Data Citizens ‘22, we were thrilled to announce a wave of innovations to make data intelligence easy and accessible to more enterprise data users.

These innovations include new capabilities for Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud including the Collibra Data Marketplace.

The Collibra Data Marketplace is a user-friendly search interface designed for business users to easily find, understand, and collaborate on data.

Getting smart about data intelligence

Making reliable data accessible to more users at scale is key to helping organizations unlock the full potential of their data.

But the majority of enterprises continue to be challenged when it comes to building a strong data culture and driving adoption.

The percentage of organizations that believe data intelligence is crucial to making informed business.

The percentage of organizations that continue to be challenged when it comes to building a strong data culture and driving adoption.

Source: IDC, 2022 Data Intelligence Index

Enter the marketplace

The Collibra Data Marketplace drives collaboration and unleashes productivity by making data, reports, APIs, and models easily discoverable and readily available through an enterprise-grade data marketplace.

For enterprises that want to ensure trusted data flows across the organization, the Data Marketplace:

  • Provides an internal data marketplace for data producers to easily share data and for data consumers to find easily data
  • Makes the first step easy for data consumers to request access to specific data assets

A self-service solution, the Collibra Data Marketplace offers intuitive access to trusted data in one central location, providing a portal so business users can easily find, understand, and request access to the data they need — and generate insights faster.

Maximizing collaboration and sharing
The Collibra Data Marketplace was built from the ground up to make the experience seamless and intuitive. Built to maximize collaboration around data and sharing of knowledge across the organization, the Data Marketplace can be launched from the Collibra applications menu.

The new Collibra Data Marketplace offers a bevy of benefits, including:

  • The landing page provides a personalized experience. You’ll now see the most popular data as well as data you’ve previously viewed. You’ll also get recommendations based on your browsing history and the browsing activity of your peers.
  • The redesigned Search finds the right data faster and surfaces it for use seamlessly. How did we do this? We’ve configured the Marketplace to show only curated data and ready-to-use content. A benefit of the streamlined Search is visual noise reduction, which makes it easier for data professionals and business users to immediately find the data that’s right for them.
  • Additionally, the Collibra Data Marketplace unlocks the full power of the Collibrai platform by searching across the metadata graph. So you can surface results directly linked to your Search keywords as well as results that have a connection through the graph, like tags columns and business terms.
  • To make even better use of the metadata graph, the new Collibra Data Marketplace offers custom graph filters.
  • The preview page has been designed to provide concise information about ownership, business contacts, and even source lineage. And the business context stored in the graph is just a click away. You can even go into more detail and look at the columns contained in tables and data sets. You can search across classification tags to see if there are fields containing the information you need.
  • Finally, you can streamline access management by using Collibra to request access with a click.

Why Collibra Data Marketplace

Data catalogs used to be a tool for IT and technical teams to conduct a basic inventory of data. The result: Data was stale and lacked business context.

Today, data catalogs are used by data teams to understand the data in their ecosystem, govern it, and extract business context. But, as the research demonstrates, adoption has been generally limited to data-savvy users who have been trained to use a catalog.

With the Collibra Data Marketplace, the future of accessing data is more exciting than ever. Now, it’s easier for business users to search, understand and gain value from data, without being data experts or reading a technical manual.

Your next-gen data marketplace

Providing a window to your organization’s data, the Collibra Data Marketplace helps uncover new reports, metrics, and algorithms across an organization.

The user-friendly search makes data easy to find as well as browse and preview. And the intuitive interface makes it easy to find, understand, and collaborate with trusted data in record time.

Imagine. Now, your enterprise can quickly stand up a self-service data portal for data consumers to easily find, understand, and collaborate on curated, ready-to-use data.

Are you ready to help your data consumers easily discover data through a self-service portal with curated, ready-to-use data?

Discover the Collibra Data Marketplace.

Want to learn more about Collibra?

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