Collibra Data Intelligence: tackle 2023’s biggest data challenges

Everyone knows how much data intelligence means to the enterprise. Most enterprises want a data intelligence solution. Many implement one. But a much smaller percentage actually adopt and integrate data intelligence into their decision-making, according to the 2022 Data Intelligence Index

So CIOs around the world are making their 2023 technology wish lists for the solutions that will help drive data intelligence into the new year. 

Why? Because data intelligence is the only way to navigate the three most pressing challenges for today’s CIOs:

  • The data deluge
  • The impact of regulation
  • The organizational challenge getting to data intelligence

The data deluge 

New year, same as the old year it seems. 

We live in an era of stunning data-driven digital transformation that is only going to become more driven by data. Indeed, the datasphere is forecast to reach 97 zettabytes in 2022 — and double (!) to 181 zettabytes by 2025. By 2025, it’s estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created every day. (Source: World Economic Forum.)

Data powers our society and our economy. It’s everywhere — streaming in from connected devices, in different formats, from billions of users.

If you’re embarking on a digital transformation, this data deluge often makes it difficult to distinguish the signal from the noise.

And the noise keeps getting louder.

The impact of regulation

Growing regulation makes data privacy, protection, and transparency non-negotiable.

Privacy and protection regulations are growing in numerous industries (such as financial services) and geographic regions (including the EU, Australia, California, and Nevada). More and more regulations are proposed and passed everyday, and the result for you is that complying with each law can seem like its own beast.

It’s not just governments. 75% of consumers say that the way companies handle their data impacts their buying decisions. 

It’s true: Poor data privacy and protection practices can do serious damage to your organization’s brand. 

The organizational challenge getting to data intelligence

But your biggest challenge isn’t technology; it’s likely the people and the processes that guide enterprise behavior. 

No one likes change. But to achieve data intelligence, enterprises are turning to modern data quality solutions and leaving manual processes behind. Too often, manual processes create errors, fail to scale, and decrease the speed, quality and confidence of decision-making.

However, automation and scale doesn’t always correlate to more persistent enterprise-wide sharing of data. Maybe there’s no way to share data with each other and no way to see trusted data and reports used by other teams? In this scenario, you’re duplicating data and effort.

Your smartest 2023 wish: Collibra Data Intelligence

The three challenges facing today’s CIO — data deluge, regulation, organizational inertia — don’t need to hold teams back in 2023.

Collibra Data Intelligence is the answer to your 2023 wishlist. An integrated data intelligence platform, Collibra Data Intelligence offers scalable support for all your programs with a best-of-breed data intelligence cloud platform that tightly integrates data catalog, governance, lineage, quality and privacy capabilities into one end-to-end offering. 

Here are three reasons why Collibra Data Intelligence can make your 2023 dreams come true:

  • Collibra is easy to use. So you can bring data, business and IT teams together to discover, trust, access and share data insights via one intuitive, easy-to-use interface that is accessible across mobile, desktop or native BI tools. You’ll leverage machine learning to automate processes and build trust in data.
  • Collibra is flexible and open. So you can easily connect to modern data sources, business applications and BI tools in one place and use a powerful metadata graph to provide rich content and context to all users. Plus, you can deploy on-premises, or in cloud environments, and structure data to meet the needs of your teams.
  • Finally, Collibra is secure. Bolster the security of your data at scale and in the cloud. With support for identity and access management, encryption, and network vulnerability testing, Collibra ensures your data environment is always stable and secure.

Want to learn more about Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud?

Check out our website!

Want to learn more about Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud?

Check out our website!

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