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Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Data Catalog

A single solution for teams to easily discover and access reliable data

Provide all your users access to trusted data across all your data sources. Delivering this end-to-end visibility starts with your data catalog, and Collibra gets you up and running in days. We make sure your teams spend less time searching for data and more time getting value from data, so you can drive better business decisions. And with Collibra’s scalable platform, it’s easy to future-proof your investment, no matter where business takes you next.

76% Percentage of time analysts spend trying to find the data they need to do their job.1
34% Percentage of time analysts waste trying to find the data they need.2

The Data Intelligence Conference

Join the world’s most innovative community of data leaders

November 1-3 | San Diego, California

A complete, enterprise platform for all your data users

Empower everyone. Put trust back into your data for all your data users with Collibra’s end-to-end, enterprise-grade data intelligence platform.

Connect to any data source. Quickly connect and catalog the data you need, so your teams can do their best work.

Use context to build trust. Get rich context by connecting business, technical and privacy metadata with quality and column-level lineage to drive better decisions.

Bolster the security of your data at scale. Take advantage of our flexible and proven security model with support for identity, access management, encryption and vulnerability testing.


An easier way to find & understand data

Automate to innovate. Leverage machine learning to easily automate workflows and allow your users to collaborate at scale.

Democratize data. Bring data teams together to discover, trust, access and share insights via one intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Eliminate the learning curve. Structure data to meet the needs of your teams so they can continue to do their best work.

A proven & faster path to value

Go from 0 to catalog in days. Use Collibra’s proven, pre-configured services to get your catalog up and running in record time.

Get faster buy-in across the organization. With one integrated solution that builds trust in data, we make it easy for data citizens to get started and drive data literacy across the organization.

Future-proof your data strategy. Maximize the value of data investments today and tomorrow with a robust solution that is right-sized to your business needs.

Automatic data classification

Automatically classify and categorize physical data assets with a proprietary algorithm that identifies data classes through machine learning.

Guided stewardship

Easily link technical metadata, business terms, data concepts, policies and processes to add business context for all data consumers.

Data shopping experience

Enable business users to search for and access data, reports and other data assets using a business-friendly interface with no knowledge of SQL required.

Embedded data governance and privacy

Ensure access to trustworthy and compliant data with comprehensive data governance and privacy capabilities that standardize definitions, establish ownership, protect sensitive data and document and manage policies.

Granular security controls

Use role-based permissioning to control access to data assets, resources and capabilities, and granular, asset-level security controls to ensure security and privacy.

Active metadata graph

Build a graph that connects business, technical and privacy metadata with data quality and lineage information to provide rich content and context to all users.

Find quality data. Find better insights.

Collibra Data Catalog meets you where you are to support you along your data intelligence journey. Go beyond your typical data catalog software  when you’re ready with embedded data governance, data quality, data lineage and privacy capabilities that enable access to trusted data for the entire organization.

Create a unified view of all of your data

Get full visibility into all your data from a single location. Connect your data sources, business applications, BI and data science tools with native integrations to quickly catalog critical data. Leverage ML-powered data curation to make it available with full business context.

Operationalize data and analytics governance

Use automated workflows and dashboards to quickly certify assets, create and approve definitions, curate data and manage approvals. Standardize terminology with a business glossary to build consistency.

Enable self-service data access

Allow users to find, understand and access data without waiting for IT approvals via a powerful, contextual search engine and easy-to-use data shopping experience. Control access to data, metrics, reports and models to avoid misuse and mitigate risks.

Foster collaboration

Enable employees to easily share, reuse and collaborate with data. Allow users to leave feedback including ratings, reviews and comments to accelerate data usage and adoption.

Drive trust in data

Take advantage of embedded data governance and quality to establish definitions and ownership, certify data assets, surface quality metrics and capture human knowledge. Link policies to data assets to ensure compliant access in line with usage and privacy policies.

Empower your teams to maximize productivity

Empower analysts to spend less time searching for data and more time deriving insights and sharing their findings. Allow users to easily find and quickly evaluate the right data for their needs, compliantly access it and confidently use it.

Customer stories

A smart approach to data democratization

Enable users to quickly discover and understand data that matters. The Collibra Data Catalog provides teams with quick and easy access to accurate and trusted data in one central location.

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