Collibra Data Notebook

Query and collaborate around data

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Query data sources and gain additional insight into your data without leaving your Collibra environment. Easily document SQL queries, visualizations, approaches and best practices within data notebook assets that you can share across teams.

Key features and capabilities

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Query data sources from a single place

Eliminate the hassle of switching tools. Run SQL queries on data residing in Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Databricks and Postgres directly from your governed Collibra environment using existing credentials and permissions.

Create and publish data notebooks as assets

Enhance collaboration by sharing notebooks containing SQL queries, data visualizations, documented approaches and valuable insights with your colleagues.

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View useful context alongside queries

Write better SQL queries faster by leveraging relevant metadata displayed from table and column assets in Collibra Data Catalog.

Visualize your data in one click

Gain a deeper understanding of your data’s contents and verify that you’ve found the right data to inform critical decisions by transforming your SQL query results into a range of chart types.

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Reuse SQL queries across teams

Maximize productivity by repurposing previously written SQL queries using the query history.

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