Self-Service Analytics

Rapidly turn trusted data into valuable business insights

Self-service business intelligence (BI) tools have put powerful analytics into the hands of data citizens. But to get the most from those tools, these business users need to know where to find key data sets, and that they can trust in the accuracy of that data. They also need a platform to collaborate with data owners, socialize reports, and share their insights across the enterprise.

Ensure business decisions are always backed by consistent data with the right context

Identify all business-critical data sets

Make full use of powerful self-service BI tools by first finding all the data they need to crunch to derive meaningful business value.

Create holistic oversight of entities

Consolidate data across disparate locations at a logical level by applying a single business definition to help everyone speak the same data language.

Find balance between access and privacy

Simplify the burden of managing consent, usage, and retention policies. Ensure analysts get access to necessary data while complying with regulations.

Build trust in the quality of your data

Increase visibility into your data quality and lineage. Business analysts can only make valid assertions if the underlying data is trustworthy.

Why Collibra?

Collibra helps companies make better data-driven decisions. Collibra Catalog helps business analysts and data scientists consolidate a wide range of enterprise information. Organizations can enhance data discovery, promote data quality through better governance, derive new insights by integrating data into market-leading BI tools such as Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI, and share the fruits of that intelligence via a collaborative platform. These capabilities eliminate duplicative and repetitive analyses for business users by quickly identifying existing reports and focusing their efforts on deriving new and useful insights from their data.

The Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs, Q2 2018

A data catalog is crucial to the effective use of data, but a machine learning data catalog delivers this value at scale. See why Forrester recognized Collibra as a leader in this space.



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Find, use, and trust your data

How can you handle the recent explosion of data all while empowering your organization with the data they need? Collibra Catalog can help.

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