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Transform decision-making, collaboration, and culture with a data ecosystem that supports a digital future

Around the globe, government and public sector agencies are embracing the digital revolution. By using data in new and exciting ways, they can deliver more value for the taxpayers that fund them. It’s critical for these organizations to create new methods of sharing data with internal stakeholders, government agencies, academics, and other third parties. Many are driving cultural change envisioned by recent data-oriented initiatives, including the U.S.-based Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act of 2017 (FEPA). Collibra enables government and other public sector agencies to create a data ecosystem that helps them meet key data privacy and information security goals and utilize the data they need to support strategic decision-making, policy formulation, and operational choices.

Build trust with a fresh approach to data management

Know the data inventory

Create a single, trusted source for data across the organization – meeting an important requirement for FEPA.

Tame data complexity

Support complex agency operating models, organizational structures, policies, and diverse datasets.

Strengthen security and privacy

Assign and maintain roles and responsibilities for data assets to build trust with constituents and external stakeholders. Operationalize data breach reporting.

Collaborate better with others

Keep track of how data is created, sourced, and used in relationships with other agencies and third parties. Maintain data lineage to streamline data quality issue resolution.

Create a catalog of catalogs

Bring together multiple data solutions while applying a single set of business terminology to maintain consistency.

Manage data in the cloud

Work with the only data governance, catalog, and privacy platform that is in the process of being FedRAMP certified to speed implementation.

Why Collibra?

Collibra helps governments find, understand, and trust their data. With Collibra, chief data officers (CDOs) are able to create an organization-wide data inventory, manage data through the entire lifecycle, foster collaboration, help people find the data they need, and support the creation of a true data culture.

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