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Cloud-Ready Data
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Collibra for Public Sector

On a mission to deliver trusted data to government agencies

Support your critical missions with the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud. Empower public sector workers to securely find, understand, trust and access data from one central location. Collibra is trusted by agencies all over the world to improve citizen services, accelerate missions and meet Federal security mandates.

31% Percentage of government-sector workers who have a high degree of trust in their own organization's use of data and analytics.1
87% Percentage of agencies that consider data to be one of their greatest assets.2

Get United by Data™

Get secure data intelligence with our FedRAMP authorized platform

Collibra is FedRAMP moderate certified and is designed to meet some of the most stringent cloud security requirements in the public sector.

Eliminate data silos

Unite people, processes and tools with accurate data in one, easy-to-find location. Natively integrate with modern data sources, business applications, data science and BI tools, and use APIs for non-native integrations.

Support citizen services

Increase your agency's data literacy with rich context and meaning. Provide easy to access data to run queries and generate reports to support effective and timely citizen services.

Drive better decision making across missions

Leverage automated AI and ML-enabled processes around data governance, quality, and privacy to mitigate risks due to human errors and drive trust and consensus around how mission-critical data should be understood, used, and shared.

Collaborate through data to tackle inter-agency missions

Give agencies a shared understanding of how mission-critical data is created, sourced, and used so they can better collaborate to accelerate decision making. Maintain data lineage to speed issue resolution.

Accelerate compliance

Discover and classify data at scale to quickly respond to public records requests, ensuring that your agency adheres to FOIA requirements and timelines.

Accelerate data modernization initiatives

Leverage our single platform to get visibility into migration impacts and see where data is being used. Save money and time by only moving clean and accurate data to the cloud. Automate processes and policies to control data access and usage so your organization can maintain compliance with the latest regulations and mandates.

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Your single system  of engagement for data, supporting end-to-end:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Lineage
  • Data Quality & Observability
  • Data Privacy
  • Core Services and APIs

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