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Harnessing data for change in the public sector

If the rise of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) within the public sector is any indication, we’re currently witnessing a paradigm shift towards making data a fundamental cornerstone of government operations. What’s more, as these agencies increasingly prioritize data, legislative acts like the Foundations of Evidence-Based Policymaking Act and the Open Data Act further underline the shift.

In the quest for actionable insights from data, Adita Karkera, CDO at Deloitte Government, dives deep into the "so what" of data to spotlight the significance of ethically grounded AI, transparency in its applications, and the imperative for diversity in data teams. Tracing her journey from a database analyst to a pivotal, business-centric role, Adita underscores the essence of aligning data strategies with broader mission objectives. It's not just about collecting and analyzing data; it's about understanding its broader implications, the story it tells, and the impact it has on the people it serves.

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