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In September 2015, Collibra introduced Collibra University, an online learning and certification platform. Our vision for Collibra University is to help data citizens worldwide expand their data governance skillset. Today, there are hundreds of active users completing thousands of courses every month. And just as the world of data governance itself is growing, so are our university offerings.

New (Free!) Courses

Over the past six months, we have added new courses to respond to the changing landscape of data governance use cases. Courses are organized into Learning Series that allow you to focus on what you need to perform your role in data governance effectively. Whether you are a Chief Data Officer or a college student, Collibra University 2.0 can help you excel and succeed. Here are a few of our most popular.

  • Report Certification and Watermarking helps you understand the report certification process, explain the different roles, and describe the difference between traceability and lineage.
  • Data Governance Readiness provides an introduction to the principles and practices of Data Governance by explaining the business relevance of data governance and how to establish the business value proposition, use cases and business cases., controlled and well understood data across the enterprise.
  • Guide to Good Definitions helps data stewards learn more about the characteristics of a well-written definition. You’ll learn the things to do – and not to do – when writing a good definition.
  • Data Quality is a course in our new CDO Learning Series that provides insight on determining the critical data. Data Quality has been a topic of discussion for over twenty years. The challenge is that data quality is a complex issue. You’ll learn how to explain a data quality assessment and recommend various data quality capabilities.


In addition to our new courses, we’ve also launched five data governance certifications:

  • Steward: a certified Steward can participate in use cases such as report certification and data help desk, write good definitions, run validation rules, and more.
  • Community Manager: a certified Community Manager can conceptually design the operating model, assign roles and responsibilities, create and share views, and more.
  • Platform Admin: a certified Platform Admin can implement the operating model, manages and upgrades the Collibra platform.
  • Developer: a certified Developer can implement and deploy Collibra Connect integration templates and workflows, use the Collibra API.
  • Ranger: a certified Ranger is the most comprehensive certificate offered by Collibra University. A Ranger is generally accountable for the operationalization and long-term roll-out and adoption of Collibra data governance solutions

The certifications build on one another, with Steward as the place to start. When you access the course catalog for the first time, you will be automatically assigned to the courses required to complete the Steward certification.

Once you have completed the prerequisite courses for a certification, simply complete a summative test to receive your downloadable certificate. We suggest hanging your certificate by your desk so everyone in your organization knows you’ve completed data governance certification! And, you will also receive a link to add your certification to your LinkedIn profile. You can also track your progress on our downloadable course roadmap.

Ranger Awards

During the recent Collibra Data Citizens Conference, we awarded the Ranger certificate to two outstanding data citizens. The Ranger Program is a training, evaluation, and certification program. It is the most comprehensive Collibra Data Governance credential that you can achieve through Collibra University.

Collibra Rangers

As a customer, you want a Ranger on your side to make the most out of your investment in the Collibra platform.

As a consultant, you want to become a Ranger if you want to become a preferred implementation partner. A Ranger can look through the eyes of a steward or community manager, and knows how to configure the Collibra platform for their needs. The Ranger knows how to rollout the Collibra platform and devise strategies for wide adoption. The Ranger thinks out-of-the-box about unanticipated data use cases.

In order to demonstrate these competencies, Ranger candidates go through a number of assignments through which they build up a full ‘data governance’ portfolio and defended it to the Ranger board.

Collibra University is a great way for data citizens everywhere to learn new skills and expand their data governance credentials. Regardless of where your organization is in their data governance journey, you can benefit from Collibra University. So what are you waiting for? Visit Collibra University and get started on your journey to data governance certification.

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