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In September 2015, Collibra introduced Collibra University, an online learning and certification platform. Our vision for Collibra University was — and still is —  to help data citizens worldwide expand their data intelligence skillset. Today, there are hundreds of active users completing thousands of courses every month. And just as the world of data governance itself is growing, so are our university offerings.


New Premium subscription – for aspiring data governance experts

In October 2023, Collibra announced a new Premium subscription that provides exclusive access to advanced courses for building Collibra expertise, plus a lot more. As a Premium subscriber, you also get unlimited access to public training courses, virtual labs, and individualized certification paths that include instructor assistance.

The Premium subscription is a great way to give your users flexible, convenient access to the right training focused on individual and organizational goals – whether they’re technical or business users, such as:

  • Implementation teams
  • Platform/Solution architects
  • Data Stewards
  • Those seeking certification
  • Global teams

If you think a Premium subscription would be a good fit, talk with your Customer Success team.

New (free!) courses – for self-paced learners of any role

We are constantly adding new courses to respond to the changing landscape of data governance and to our evolving product roadmap.We organized courses into journey, role, and product-based categories that allow you to focus on what you need to know to effectively perform your role. Whether you are a Chief Data Officer or a college student, Collibra University can help you excel and succeed. Here are a few of our most popular courses.

  • Collibra 101: Your journey to data intelligence starts here Are you new to Collibra? Maybe you are wondering how Collibra fits into the larger data strategy of your organization? We recommend you start here to get an overview of how Collibra plays a critical role in helping organizations get more value from their data.
  • Collibra Catalog: Putting the trust back in your data So, your organization has a data intelligence platform. Now what? Collibra Catalog is the cornerstone of the platform – the place you go to find, understand and trust your data. No matter what your role is, there is something for you in Catalog. Let us show you around. 
  • Here’s why your colleagues just started obsessing over Workflow Designer You are a maximizer. You like to get the most out of the tools that you use. Because of this, we built Workflow Designer to help you squeeze the potential out of Collibra. This course tells a story about Oscar, a Senior Software Engineer who wants to automate business processes using workflows. Check out how Workflow Designer separates itself from Eclipse and can help take manual business processes off your plate.
  • Granting permissions and assigning roles: Set up data citizens in Collibra You added users to Collibra, but what will they be able to do? Administrators need to grant permissions and assign roles to enable data citizens to do more in Collibra. In this course, follow a System Administrator as she learns about permissions and roles, then assigns them to users.

Find these and hundreds more free courses at 

Certification: for Collibra experts who are ready for recognition

In addition to our new courses, we offer five Collibra Platform certifications:

  • Data Steward: Data Stewards utilize an organization’s data governance processes to ensure the quality of data elements. They document data assets in a central location for visibility and transparency while collaborating with stakeholders using common language.
  • Workflow Engineer: Workflow Engineers love technology and enjoy designing and building processes. They collaborate with Solution Architects and Stakeholders to build processes that are secure, reliable and efficient.
  • Integration Engineer: Integration Engineers enjoy solving complicated problems in a fast-paced and high-pressure atmosphere. Collaborating with Solution Architects, they evaluate existing technology components to ensure final solutions meet organizational needs.
  • Solution Architect: Solution Architects provide technical leadership in the design, planning and implementation of the Collibra platform. These individuals define the Collibra operating model approach and assist with decisions on technical complexity with a thorough understanding of the implications.
  • Collibra Ranger: Collibra Rangers demonstrate expertise in the implementation of successful data intelligence initiatives.

The certifications build on one another, with Data Steward as the place to start. Collibra University Premium subscribers can enroll in our certification paths directly to get started. Complete the prerequisite training via Instructor-led Training or Virtual Labs and pass the assessment to get the downloadable certificate and digital badge

To get started with a certification, go here.

Ranger Awards

During the recent Collibra Data Citizens Conference, we awarded the Ranger certificate to two outstanding Data Citizens. The Ranger program is a training, evaluation, and certification program. It is the most comprehensive Collibra Data Governance credential that you can achieve.

As a customer, you want a Collibra RangerTM on your side to make the most out of your investment in the Collibra platform.

As a consultant, you want to become a Collibra RangerTM if you want to become a preferred implementation partner. A Collibra RangerTM can look through the eyes of a Steward or Community Manager, and configure the Collibra platform for their needs. The Collibra RangerTM knows how to rollout the Collibra platform and devise strategies for wide adoption. They think out-of-the-box about unanticipated data use cases.

In order to demonstrate these competencies, Collibra RangerTM candidates go through a number of assignments through which they build up a full ‘data governance’ portfolio and defend it to the Ranger Committee.

Collibra University is a great way for Data Citizens everywhere to learn new skills and expand their data governance credentials. Regardless of where your organization is in their data governance journey, you can benefit from Collibra University. So what are you waiting for? Visit Collibra University and get started on your journey to data governance certification.

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