Why data governance is critical to enterprise success

How do you create an effective, efficient self-service data culture? Why is data management and governance across your entire data landscape critical? What are the biggest challenges your organization faces delivering self-service data programs? 

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More data-driven? More governance needed

Today, organizations want to make more data-driven decisions. They want to create a culture of data citizens. They believe democratizing access to data is essential to developing a thriving 21st-century enterprise. 

But data professionals also realize to be truly data-driven, organizations must appropriately moderate use in a way that balances security with access. 

This isn’t always easy, according to 451 Research’s findings. While there are many motives for becoming more data-driven, today’s organizations are looking toward long-term resiliency as much as immediate outcomes.

451 Research surveyed hundreds of organizations to better understand the challenges they’re facing while adopting organizational self-service models. Many organizations report issues with data quality, security, and privacy. It’s not surprising — the survey also found that at least a third of organizations’ have more than 100 data silos, and many have more than 500. The truth is the more data-driven you are, the more essential data governance is to the success of your enterprise. 

What should you do? 451 Research recommends getting a unified view of your data as the first step in enabling an effective, efficient self-service data culture.

Get the whitepaper and see why ongoing data governance is critical — and goes well beyond meeting legal and compliance requirements. 

  • Get insights into the 10 biggest challenges organizations face while adopting self-service programs
  • See the 11 specific use cases where data governance initiatives have added organizational value

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