Data governance: keeping the flames burning

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We all know data is the fuel that drives modern businesses and helps our organizations operate more efficiently. The better we use data, the more insights our data generates. The more insights we glean, the greater our competitive advantages and our capacity for faster, steadier growth. 

These are the primary reasons we start data governance programs: To make sure we’re managing data as a critical resource and generating maximum business value from it. 

When we start,it’s important to remember that data governance is a program, not a project. It requires ongoing efforts. Just as a fireplace needs constant attention to keep the flames burning, our program requires constant attention and investment to deliver its intended value.

Why data governance fires die out

I see a lot of companies that have started their programs with enthusiasm. However, after some time, they stop paying attention to data governance. They think that the job is done. 

As a result, there are huge problems with program adoption. In some cases, a full restart of the program is needed. But its like a a fireplace: f you neglect it by failing to add more wood or clean the chimney, the fire will eventually go out, leaving you cold and uncomfortable,  In the end, you’ll have to start the fire again.

This is a really good analogy because just like a fireplace that provides warmth and comfort to your home, data governance provides valuable insights to your business. 

Data governance ensures your data is reliable, consistent and up-to-date, which helps you make better decisions, gain  competitive advantages, and protect your business from cyber threats and compliance risks.

But a fireplace needs constant attention to keep you warm, and data governance requires ongoing effort to ensure its success. 

The lessons of the fireplace 

The critical lessons of the fireplace reminds us of the importance of investing in the right technology and the right tools to manage your data, as well as establishing policies and procedures to govern its use.  

And the lesson of the fireplace demonstrates why training your staff on data management best practices and ensuring there is an understanding of the importance of data governance  is critical.

When you neglect your data governance program and stop investing in it, your data becomes unreliable, inconsistent and vulnerable. And this can eventually lead to costly errors and reputational damage.

On the other hand, if you invest in your fireplace by adding more wood and cleaning the chimney, you can enjoy its warmth and comfort for many years to come. 

Similarly, if you invest in your data governance program by continually improving your policies and procedures and adopting new technologies and tools, you can ensure your data remains a valuable resource for your business.

Keep the data governance fire burning

Data governance is a critical component of the modern business architecture that requires ongoing effort and investment to ensure  your data remains accurate, reliable and secure. 

The analogy of the fireplace is a good way to remember that neglecting your data governance program can have serious consequences. Conversely, investing in it can deliver valuable insights and competitive advantages to your business. 

You can keep your data governance flames burning by investing in a data governance solution like Collibra.

Learn more about Collibra Data Governance.

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