Fuel your self-service analytics with the right data

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Build on trusted data to

develop unique business


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Identify all business-critical data

Make full use of powerful self-service BI tools by first finding all the data they need to crunch to derive meaningful business value.

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Create a common data language

Consolidate data across all locations by applying a single definition to help ensure that users are building on the same foundation.

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Balance access with privacy

Prioritize and simplify consent, usage and retention policies to help analysts get access to all, and only, the right data.

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Build trust in the quality of your data

Analysis leads to valid assertions only with data that is reliable and that comes with full transparency and data lineage.

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Self-service analytics

Turn trusted data into

valuable insights

Self-service BI tools offer powerful analytics capabilities that can surface the insights you need to create a competitive advantage. However, the greatest benefits will only be accrued when business users can find the datasets they need, draw on context and lineage, and trust in its accuracy.

Make your BI smarter

Maximize your data and better compete

The Collibra Platform enables you to work with your entire data ecosystem seamlessly and agnostically, making it easier to gain a clear view of your data.

Maximize your data with Collibra
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Easily find trusted data

Collibra Catalog allows you to better discover the information that matters most to your business – whether that relates to finances, customers, products, services, supply chains or personnel.

Improve your analytics
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Bringing data to users with Tableau

“The integration of Collibra with our business intelligence and other tools has helped us foster understanding in our organization by bringing data governance to our users. We are excited about the next phase of our journey.”

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