Data Catalogs for Dummies

Every modern organization is drowning in data. It’s increasingly becoming a valuable asset that needs to be visible, understood, and trusted in order to drive your organization’s profitability, innovation, and growth. Data catalogs are your solution to the ever-growing data challenge. They pull everything together across your data landscape and help you make sense of it. With Data Catalogs For Dummies, Collibra Special Edition in your hands, learn how you can:

  • Take steps to control your data
  • Identify the right data catalog
  • Maximize the value of your data catalog
  • Use your catalog for governance and privacy
  • Build a foundation for data intelligence


Many organizations today struggle to keep up with today’s data landscape and are unable to unlock the value stored within their data. They need to connect to their data sources so they can discover, understand, and use trusted data to foster data intelligence and drive data-driven decisions. Want to know how to deliver end-to-end visibility and maximize the value of data? Or how your organization can enable data intelligence with a data catalog? The answers to these questions and many more are in Data Catalogs For Dummies, Collibra Special Edition.


Are you drowning in data? It seems like most organizations are, in this data-driven era.

Organizations know they need to become more data-driven to maintain profitability, support innovation, and grow the business. The most successful organizations in the world — from governments to global corporations — have made data a strategic asset. In fact, a January 2021 report from Forrester, “Chief Data Officers: Evolve Your Teams To Accelerate Impact From Data Insights,” states that 63 percent of organizations have appointed a Chief Data Officer. But there are many headwinds in the form of challenges and risks that stand in their way. Chief among these challenges is the scale and complexity of the data ecosystem. As more sources of data come online, the problem only becomes worse. Then there are the threats — both internal and external — to security and reputation.

What’s the solution? For many organizations, it’s implementing a data catalog. Data catalogs pull everything together from across your entire digital environment and help you make sense of it, at both the macro and micro levels.

If that sounds interesting, and perhaps a good fit for your organization, you’ve come to the right place!