Deriving Maximum Value from the Enterprise Data Marketplace

This TDWI Checklist focuses on how enterprises can build an online, self-service data marketplace to ensure that their users are provided with trusted data assets and are able to derive the maximum value from them.

Unlock this whitepaper to learn more about the 5 steps for deriving maximum value from the enterprise data marketplace:

  1. Consolidate enterprise data and analytics assets in a cloud service
  2. Inventory and understand enterprise data and analytics assets and their usage scenarios
  3. Catalog enterprise data and analytics assets
  4. Apply strong governance to enterprise data and analytics assets shared through the marketplace
  5. Enhance the consumability of marketplace accessible data and analytics assets


Trustworthy data is a foundation of modern business. With better data and analytics at their disposal, organizations can drive better decisions, more agile processes, and smarter applications throughout their operations.

Enterprise data marketplaces provide key self-service channels for accelerating the application of the best data, analytics, machine learning, and other digital assets to business scenarios. These marketplaces enable users to search for, find, and procure trustworthy data sets and such data-intensive assets as structured reports, analytics dashboards, and pretrained machine learning models. They allow employees to easily shop for and request access to the data they need. Typically, such a marketplace provides an experience that simplifies data searches so users can more successfully find data and understand its applicability to their analytical and other business needs.