Be a data cloud migration hero

In this interactive workbook you’ll learn:

  • The importance of aligning your data cloud migration with your organization’s strategic initiatives

  • How to choose the right use cases to show a return on investment early in your data cloud migration journey and effectively pilot your planned approach  

  • How to keep your data cloud migration project on track with organizational buy-in, an effective change management program and a well-documented migration plan


Setting your organization up for a successful data cloud migration requires some prep work. You need organizational buy-in, a change management strategy, a solid migration plan that is aligned with your organization’s strategic initiatives and a well-documented operating model and policy strategy. You also need to be sure that you can measure the impact of the project. This workbook will walk you through how to build out each of these critical elements, define metrics and identify the right people to have on your team.


Whether you're looking to enhance efficiency, scale operations, or leverage the latest in data technology, this workbook will provide you with the insights and tools necessary to make your cloud migration journey smooth and effective. You will discover a clear path to initiate and maintain your data cloud migration, including how to choose the right use cases, keep your migration on track, and uncover the critical components that ensure a successful data cloud migration. 

By the end of this workbook, you’ll not only have a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in data cloud migration but also practical insights into executing these steps effectively.