Collibra Data Lineage

Visualize how data flows, transforms and is used

Build trust and gain end-to-end visibility into data by automatically mapping relationships between systems, applications and reports to provide a context-rich view across the enterprise.

Extract lineage across systems automatically

Save time and effort by creating and maintaining lineage automatically from source systems, SQL dialects, ETL tools and BI tools with native lineage harvesters.

Trace data flows with business lineage

Increase data transparency and trust with an interactive lineage diagram that shows summary lineage — alongside useful context such as data quality scores — from source to destination.

View details and transformations with technical lineage

Enhance regulatory compliance and conduct impact analysis by viewing detailed technical lineage at the table, column, transformation and SQL query levels.

Get a comprehensive view with indirect lineage

Improve your understanding of data and its dependencies by visualizing direct flows and indirect relationships across data assets.

Find data assets faster with intelligent faceting and filtering

Filter lineage diagrams and reduce the time it takes to surface relevant information.

Explore data transformations and flows with in-line code context

Drill down into relevant table- and column-level code within lineage diagrams to better understand how data transforms and flows.

Export data lineage diagrams

Extract lineage state diagrams in different file formats (PDF, PNG, CSV, etc.) to accelerate reporting and manage risks.

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