Collibra Data Lineage

The automated way to understand how your data flows

Get the full story around your data with Collibra Data Lineage. Automatically map relationships between systems, applications and reports to provide a context-rich view across the enterprise. Hone in on the data you care about most and trust that it is relevant, complete and trustworthy.

Automated lineage extraction

Extract and maintain lineage automatically from source systems, SQL dialects, ETL tools and BI tools with our native lineage harvesters. Save valuable time typically spent manually documenting and maintaining lineage.

Business lineage

Trace data flows with an interactive lineage diagram that shows summary lineage from source to destination. Make data lineage accessible to everyone in your organization to drive visibility and trust in data.

Detailed technical lineage

View detailed technical lineage at the table, column, transformation and SQL query levels to quickly understand the impact of potential changes.

Indirect lineage

View direct data flows across data assets as well as indirect relationships to get a complete picture of data dependencies.

Intelligent faceting and filtering

Filter lineage diagrams and reduce the time it takes to surface relevant information.

In-line context of code

Drill down into relevant table- and column-level code within lineage diagrams to better understand how data transforms and flows.

Export data lineage diagrams

Extract lineage state diagrams in different file formats (PDF, PNG, CSV, etc.) to accelerate reporting and manage risks.

data lineage benefits

Get end-to-end data lineage

Understand where your data comes from, where it has been and how it is being used.

Get enterprise-wide visibility into your data

Give your teams comprehensive visibility into data lineage to drive data literacy and transparency. Make lineage accessible at scale to all your data engineers, stewards, analysts, scientists and business users.

Automate lineage mapping and maintenance

Automatically map end-to-end lineage across data sources and systems. Effortlessly keep lineage up to date with native harvesters that extract lineage from source systems, SQL dialects, ETL tools and BI tools.

Enable easy and complete impact analysis

Easily identify the upstream and downstream impacts of any particular change at the table, column or business report level  with automated, easy-to-use lineage diagrams.

Maintain compliance and mitigate risks

Support BCBS 239, GDPR, CCPA and other compliance efforts with automated data mapping to show how data flows across the organization and third parties.

Drive better analytics

View upstream and downstream lineage to discover relevant data context including source, changes and usage. Identify how a data asset was created and where it came from to verify how accurate, complete and trustworthy it is.

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