Data lineage features: unlocking business opportunities

This whitepaper will highlight key concepts, like:

  • How data lineage supports seven key business objectives
  • Which macro trends and operational challenges make this a complex task
  • The key features of Collibra Data Lineage illustrated in three real- life scenarios

Read the full whitepaper to find out how data lineage can help your organization make data-driven decisions.


The benefits of building and maintaining data lineage are clear for both business and technical stakeholders. By comprehensively understanding your data, you can unlock its value. Learn how lineage provides the data visibility and transparency required to support positive business outcomes.


Data lineage can seem like an insignificant challenge to those unfamiliar with the complexity of enterprise data architectures. But that is far from reality.

Maintaining an accurate and current map of data lineage across an enterprise is anything but simple. Yet the need to do so has become a business imperative for a variety of reasons. This paper examines how data lineage can support key business objectives.

It also looks at the challenges and hurdles that organizations face in maintaining an active map of key data as it flows across an organization.