The big cultural challenge of getting data enablement right

Getting data enablement right The big cultural challenge

Data enablement is a fundamental ingredient for true data intelligence – any data citizen should be able to uncover and extract the value from their organization’s data.

Yet, real data enablement can be challenging to foster within a data program. A new e-book from Collibra offers key steps that data teams can take to nurture this within their organization. The steps, based on the experience and insights of data citizens, provide practical advice on how to cultivate a true culture of data enablement.

Recognizing the “people challenge”

Data enablement can initially seem like a technology and scale challenge. However, the truth is that data enablement is a journey that will require significant changes to people and processes in order to shift the organization’s culture.

The new e-book explores key steps in this journey of cultural evolution, including:

  • Defining the concept of data enablement
  • Considering how the “home” of the data team within the organization may shape its approach
  • Building diversity into data teams and data councils as an important cultural component
  • Managing change through the entire process, including being flexible when appropriate
  • Planning data intelligence communications strategically
  • Engaging proactively with the organization at different levels and in different ways

Cultural change can often seem like a wooly topic – this new e-book offers tools and techniques that have been already used in the real world by organizations to develop true data enablement among data citizens.

Calculating the cost of getting it wrong

Getting data enablement right – through having a strong data culture – is so important because the costs of getting it wrong are high. Organizations that try to implement technology, policies, and processes without also embracing cultural change almost always fail in the end to reach true data intelligence.  

The costs of this failure can be significant. There are, of course, the risks of compliance mis-steps, data breaches, and other negative outcomes that are the stuff of boardroom and C-suite nightmares. However, these costs are modest compared with the lost opportunity that the organization will suffer. Having true data intelligence is essential for any organization that wishes to thrive over the coming decade – when technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT will play such large roles in the futures of most companies.

Getting data enablement right is fundamental to data intelligence success. To discover practical tips and advice to succeeding in fostering the cultural change that needed, read the new Collibra e-book, Key Steps to Creating a Data-Enabled Organization, now.

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