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AI is everywhere. It is in our homes, our businesses, and our schools — and it’s here to stay. While AI offers great opportunities, it can also present enormous risks. That is why we believe trusted data is more important now than ever before. With the increased focus on AI, organizations need to prepare for the future with strong AI governance to mitigate risks and increase ROI. But how do you start? 

Introducing Data Citizens ‘24 

Many organizations are just at the beginning of their AI governance journey. They know they need a framework in place to govern their AI initiatives, but they don’t know how to begin. Data Citizens ‘24 has the answers. 

Data Citizens ‘24 brings together industry professionals from around the world to share best practices, discuss industry trends, and prepare for the next stage of AI. With countless sessions, roundtables, and experiences, you will gain the knowledge to embark on a successful data intelligence journey and ensure you are using trusted data in all of your AI models.

Hear from customers, industry leaders, and data professionals on how Collibra can help ensure trusted data across your entire enterprise. Hear success stories on how the Collibra Data Intelligence Platform unlocks the value of data and provides a foundation for successful data and AI initiatives. 

What you will learn at Data Citizens 

We all know that AI is at the center of most data strategies today. That is why AI is the central theme of our conference this year. We want all our attendees to leave Data Citizens excited about the future of AI (and the future of Collibra). 

However, we can’t talk about AI without talking about trusted data. That is why we organized the conference around five main use cases, which all focus on how to ensure your data citizens have access to trusted data across your enterprise. These five use cases include: 

  • Data reliability: Experience a collection of sessions designed to provide best practices on improving the quality and reliability of your data. You’ll hear from customers, thought leaders, and Collibra experts on how creating trust in your data will deliver big results. Participants will discover new ideas on how to gain data reliability, learn about advancements in our technology, and share best practices. 
  • Data governance and strategy: Being a modern data leader requires a sound strategy and collaboration from across the organization to execute the vision. Join us as we share tips and tricks from the leaders in data intelligence on how companies can establish an enterprise data strategy, execute on data governance, and ultimately build a data culture. You’ll hear from luminaries on how to improve data literacy and tie all of your work together to deliver organizational value.
  • Data sharing: Connecting the right data with the right people is an ever present challenge. Whether your organization is establishing a data marketplace, launching a data catalog, or even preparing to monetize data externally, a data sharing foundation is critical. We’ll explore what you need to know from active metadata management to lineage, from setting up a shopping experience for data to putting the right policies in place. 
  • AI governance: The world of AI is here. Modern data leaders know that the secret to success with AI is found with trusted data. Join us as we explore how organizations can do more with trusted data so that they are AI ready. We’ll share stories from today’s leading authorities on AI so that you can be ready to marry your governance chops with what’s needed for tomorrow. 
  • Cloud and analytics migration: Ensuring that only trusted data is migrated to the cloud should be priority number one for all organizations. As the old adage says, garbage in, garbage out has never been more true than today, with the volume, variety, and veracity of data. We’ll share the latest considerations customers should make as they embark on migration efforts for the future. 

Leading these tracks will be some of the top names in the industry and leading global brands such as Forrester, UCLA, West Bend Insurance, Heineken, Adobe, Woulters Kluwer, and McDonalds. These thought leaders will come together to discuss how Collibra Data Intelligence Platform is helping them do more with trusted data. 

Ultimately, Data Citizens: The Data Intelligence Conference is about bringing people together. We hope all our data citizens leave this conference inspired with a desire to use trusted data to innovate and make a positive impact on the world. 

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Are you a data citizen looking to learn and network?

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