A new day for data management

Data management wasn’t always so complicated, or critical, to the business. 

It used to be that enterprise IT wasn’t a strategic pillar. IT departments played a back-office role in the business — ensuring capacity needs were met and costs were minimized. Often, the technology was complex and the challenge was making it work. 

But as the song goes: The times they are a’ changin’. 

Today, IT performance and scalability are table-stakes — and data is a competitive differentiator. In today’s market, if you aren’t making data-driven decisions, then you’re probably struggling to compete.

A new world requires a new approach to data management. It requires data intelligence.

At Collibra, we believe that data intelligence is the ability to understand and use your data in the right way.

Take the Data Intelligence Assessment to see where your organization stands on the data intelligence maturity scale.

The data environment is constantly evolving

There’s no doubt that the world is deluged with data. 

IDC predicts the datasphere will increase from 33 zettabytes to 175 zettabytes by 2025.1 Companies spent almost $15B in data privacy fines and remediation costs in 2018 and 2019.2 And McKinsey forecasts that AI will drive up to $5.8B in annual global revenue.3 

The vast majority of businesses realize that data is crucial to business decisions. 

But most routinely fail to put data at the core of their day-to-day operations. Even businesses that install data management solutions fail to adopt them at scale, and so waste the opportunity to truly become data driven.

There are many factors that may be causing your business to struggle with reliable data. Some of the most-common challenges include:

  • Siloed architectures that support dozens or even hundred of applications across departments and geographies.
  • Inflexible and costly data management from tools and systems that may work at initial installment but can’t keep pace with the pace of change the need to scale.
  • Lack of security that doesn’t always have the right set of policies, controls, and operating models to protect data.
  • Poor data governance that makes it hard for teams to rely on data.

However, the biggest barrier to the adoption of data intelligence enterprise-wide is often a people challenge. The challenge to create a data intelligence solution that everyone from the data analyst in finance to the business user in marketing can use. The challenge to making data easy to discover, access, and use. 

At the end of the day, you can’t create a culture of data literacy if your analysts and business users are resistant to change. And the best solution for cultural inertia is to make data intelligence easier to achieve.

Data intelligence that’s easy to use

The good news is that Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is a proven enterprise-grade system of record for data — and we’ve just introduced new features that will make it even easier to use.

At its core, Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud unifies data catalog, data governance, data lineage, data quality, and data privacy in one flexible, easy-to-use platform.

The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud brings together deep visibility into the data ecosystem without moving data, so information assets stay protected. Our platform provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Automating data processes
  • Instilling trust in accurate, consistent data
  • Giving context to data to aid analysis
  • Providing collaborative frameworks to share insights

At Data Citizens ‘22, we introduced the Collibra Data Marketplace. The Marketplace is a dedicated search portal in Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud that makes data discovery easy for everyone in the enterprise.


Percentage of companies that say they waste time asking the same questions about data.

To drive collaboration and unleash productivity, Collibra Data Marketplace makes data, reports, APIs, and models easily discoverable and readily available through your very own marketplace. 

Marketplace democratizes data across your organization. With Marketplace, your teams can shop for data through an easy-to-use interface with powerful, contextual search capabilities.

We also introduced Collibra Usage Analytics, providing real-time actionable insights on Collibra usage. With it, you can proactively monitor adoption and maximize your investment in data intelligence. 

The time for data intelligence is now

There’s no doubt that data intelligence is critical to organizational success. 

In fact, a 2022 study from IDC makes it clear that the highest data intelligence maturity is driving 3X better outcomes

The truth is most organizations have implemented data intelligence solutions — but many haven’t been able to drive widespread adoption. Not surprisingly, the difference between mature and immature data cultures is whether or not data intelligence is activated.

The challenges to harness data won’t go away. The best strategy for long-term success means that IT leaders are taking a new look at the value of data intelligence. 

Discover how the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud can advance your organizational journey to data-driven success.


1 The Digitization of the World: From Edge to Core. IDC. 2018.

2 The biggest data breaches, fines, and settlements so far. CSO Online. 2020.

3 Notes from the AI frontier: Applications and value of deep learning. McKinsey Global Institute. 2018.

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