The AI journey takes a giant leap: Data Citizens ‘24 and Google Cloud Next ‘24


On April 9 – 11, Collibra hosted AI engineers, data scientists, industry leaders and visionaries at Data Citizens ‘24 for three days of inspirational keynotes, informative panels, helpful workshops and energetic discussions among the world’s most innovative community of data leaders.

During this event, Collibra announced a number of important developments, including:

  • Collibra recognizing Google Cloud as Cloud Partner of 2024
  • Google Cloud awarding Collibra as Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Data Governance at Google Cloud Next ‘24, also held April 9-11, 2024, in Las Vegas
  • Collibra introducing that Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform will power capabilities across Collibra’s Catalog, Lineage and Data Quality
  • Collibra introducing AI Governance that will support governance of Vertex AI models

Conversations about generative AI have exploded in the past two years— and they continued in abundance last week in Las Vegas and Orlando.

However, data leaders understand that launching and maintaining your AI initiatives starts with trusted data. Without effective data quality management and proper governance of the underlying data, your AI roadmap can lead to unwanted outcomes like model bias, inaccuracies, legal and ethical challenges, trust issues and more. 

That’s why we’re so thrilled about the announcements coming from these two events, and we’re excited about our expanded partnership with Google Cloud.

>> You can watch the on-demand recordings of Data Citizens ‘24 and Google Cloud Next ‘24 

Collibra: Google Cloud Technology Partner of the year for Data Governance

For the second straight year, we’ve been named a Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Data Governance — recognized for our innovative thinking, outstanding customer service and exemplary use of Google Cloud products and services.

Collibra is committed to ensuring organizations can rely on trusted data to the value of the cloud and AI. 

“Google Cloud’s Partner Awards celebrate the transformative impact and value that partners have delivered for customers,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud. “We’re proud to announce Collibra as a 2024 Google Cloud Partner Award winner and recognize their achievements enabling customer success from the past year.”

Google: Collibra 2024 Technology Partner of the Year for Data Governance

Collibra is one of the first Data Intelligence companies to collaborate with Google Cloud to extend Dataplex’s functionality to multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud use cases.

In 2023 Collibra further expanded our integrations to embed Google Cloud’s gen AI functionality by utilizing the Vertex AI platform to enhance our product offering. In addition, we are collaborating with Google Cloud to provide AI Governance for AI built with Vertex AI.

Streamlining data quality management: Collibra Data Quality and Vertex AI

One of the most exciting announcements is that Collibra now integrates Vertex AI into Collibra Data Quality & Observability.

Vertex AI simplifies the development and deployment of AI models and is designed to help data scientists and developers build, train and deploy machine learning models with ease, regardless of expertise.

Today, you can harness the power of Vertex AI and Collibra Data Quality & Observability to automatically generate data quality checks with natural language. Enabling a range of relevant, practical use cases, the integration with Vertex AI offers:

  • Effortless data quality exploration and iteration.
    • Non-technical users can now quickly create data quality checks and uncover issues without needing SQL knowledge.
    • Automated, intelligent SQL generation eliminates long delays and limited access to data quality insights for business users.
    • Users can easily explore and iterate on data quality issues to accelerate action and ensure data integrity.
  • Seamless creation of data quality rules with generative AI.
    • Identify, test and convert data quality checks into rules with a single click, eliminating the need for SQL expertise.
    • Effortlessly transform business knowledge into fully trackable, safe, AI-driven initiatives for high-quality data and outcomes.
    • Simplify the process of creating data quality rules, enabling organizations to leverage their domain expertise and ensure data reliability.
  • Accelerated rule creation and standardization using pre-built DQ templates and AI prompts.
    • Speed up the creation and standardization of data quality rules by collaborating with business teams using smart AI prompts tailored to your data assets.
    • Customize pre-built rules quickly and easily, reducing time-consuming DQ work and gaining valuable insights from your data assets.
    • Accelerate rule creation processes, ensuring consistency and alignment with business requirements.

Additionally, you can now use Collibra Catalog with the Vertex AI-powered auto description generator to: 

  • Accelerate data curation with automated asset description recommendations, so you can: 
    • Leverage generative AI to automatically create description recommendations for data assets in your Collibra Data Catalog.
    • Quickly and easily add meaningful descriptions to data assets, even at scale.
    • Accelerate the data curation process, reducing manual effort and saving time.
    • Boost adoption and ensure faster time-to-value by simplifying data asset onboarding.
    • Quickly understand the purpose and content of data assets, enhancing discoverability and usability.

In Collibra Data Lineage, you can also use Vertex AI to enable the full tracking of lineage for certain data and reports, including calculations and parameters:

  • Close gaps by leveraging Gen AI to parse queries and display end-to-end lineage and complex transformation details, which helps deliver more comprehensive visibility into your data’s journey from source to report. 
  • Enhance trust in reports by providing transparency and traceability and increase confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the reported information. 

By leveraging Vertex AI, Collibra Data Quality & Observability customers can streamline data quality processes, democratize data quality management and drive intelligent, AI-driven initiatives. Data Catalog customers can use Vertex AI for automated asset descriptions to accelerate data curation and for query parsing and translation for certain data in Data Lineage  to boost trust in reports. 

Powering responsible AI: Collibra AI Governance and Vertex AI 

As the AI wave surges across industries and government agencies, data leaders are increasingly recognizing the importance of AI governance in ensuring the responsible, ethical use of AI. 

Collibra AI Governance helps AI, data, and risk teams to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring compliance with legal and privacy policies, mitigating risk, optimizing model performance and driving higher ROI.

Collibra AI governance can help your organization accelerate time-to-production of Vertex AI models while maintaining the highest standards of responsible AI.

Your AI teams will be able to ingest model metadata from Vertex AI into your AI use cases, delivering a range of significant benefits including:

  • Helping you navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape.
  • Getting deep insights into AI model performance and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Streamlining AI development so you can bring models to production faster.
  • Facilitating better collaboration between everyone that’s part of your AI journey.
  • Prioritizing AI initiatives based on impact, alignment with business objectives, and adherence to responsible AI practices.

Learn more about Collibra AI Governance.

Collibra and Google Cloud: Delivering for the future of AI

At Collibra, we know unlocking the full potential of generative AI starts with trusted data. Its potential, which is already becoming a reality, is driving a productivity revolution that organizations around the world are just beginning to understand.

The last few days at Google Cloud Next ‘24 and Data Citizens ‘24 only elevated our expectations and our confidence in the future of AI. 

Our expanded partnership with Google Cloud and our integration of Vertex AI with Collibra AI Governance, Collibra Data Quality, Data Catalog and Data Lineage offers tangible benefits:

  • Ensuring compliance and mitigation risks
  • Optimizing model performance and data quality
  • Accelerate data curation and simplify data asset onboarding 
  • Improve visibility and trust in data used for reporting 

By leveraging the combined capabilities of Collibra and Google Cloud, your organization can confidently harness the transformative potential of generative AI to drive innovation, increase productivity and uphold the highest standards of responsible, trusted AI applications.

Now, there are so many more reasons to move forward with your AI initiatives. And we want to be there with you every step of the way.

Missed the event? Check out the on-demand recording of Data Citizens ‘24 and Google Cloud Next ‘24.

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