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Why Asset Management Firms Need Data Governance Now

Why Asset Management Firms Need Data Governance Now

Over the past few years, financial services firms have been under increasing pressure to comply with complex regulations such as BCBS 239, CCAR, DFAST, and more. Many of these firms were caught unprepared to comply with such regulations. They ended up scrambling to find the data they needed, to understand its lineage, usage, meaning, and…

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Data Governance Diagram

Addressing CCAR MRAs: 6 Data Governance Capabilities You Need (but may not have)

As banks continue to work diligently to build sustainable data governance for CCAR, many of them are finding that a mind shift is required. It’s no longer sufficient to think in terms of data management. For banks to ensure that they can efficiently sustain regulatory compliance now and in the future, they need to shift their thinking to focus on data governance. And this shift in thinking requires a different set of capabilities than the ones they likely have in place today.

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The Tipping Point Financial Services and Data Governance

The Tipping Point: Financial Services and Data Governance

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending – and presenting at – the annual DG Financial Services Conference. I spoke with financial services institutions of all sizes, and it became clear through my conversations that as an industry, we’ve reached a tipping point. Data governance is no longer a “nice to have;” it’s now a top priority for every financial services organization worldwide. Now, that doesn’t mean that every institution has a mature governance program in place, but it does mean that they’re thinking about it. And thinking about it seriously.

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BSBS239 and you Data Governance Program

Why BCBS 239 and Your Data Governance Program Go Hand-in-Hand

Mention BCBS 239, and it’s sure to bring on a headache for many financial services institutions. But what if the principles set forth in BCBS 239 were actually your friend? And what if embracing these principles as the foundation for your data governance program eased the pain of your regulatory reporting headache once and for all? Non-CCAR banks, and even companies in other financial services sectors such as insurance and asset management, can benefit by adopting the BCBS 239 principles as regulator expectations data governance trickle down and now even trickle across industries.

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