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Are You Getting Value From Your Data Lake? (But are you, really?)

At a time when data is growing exponentially, when data sources are multiplying in quick time, and when machines are connecting data points at speeds that outstrip our own human capacity for thought, we need a great new way to store vast amounts of data and make it accessible to analysts and other data users…

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You Have a Data Lake, Now What?

When you started your data lake you likely had some expectations. Now that your data is no longer in silos, your users should be able to find exactly what they need and trust that it’s accurate; however, simply moving your data into a data lake is just not enough. Without a clear purpose or enough…

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Governing Data Lakes - It's a Blizzard of Data

It’s a Blizzard (of Data) Out There

Winter is in full swing this time of year.  Here in New York, we had the bomb cyclone earlier this month. And with another artic blast bringing crazy cold temperatures, its seems as though winter is taking up permanent residence. But as I look outside across the snow-covered city, I started thinking about data. Why?…

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Governance Blog Posts

5 Data Governance Blog Posts You Should Read to Prepare for 2018

I know. It’s tough to keep up with all the great content published on the Collibra Blog. We have an amazing set of expert authors who know A LOT about data governance. And staying on top of what they have to say is no small task. Last week, we featured the top 10 most-read posts…

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