Bringing Together the Future of Data Governance


Last week’s Collibra Data Citizens Conference was a phenomenal event full of data governance leaders. From the conversations and interactions, it was clear that the people who were in those rooms would decide the future of data. Attendees included a wide-range of data professionals, data citizens, and partners. And two out of every five attendees had “data” in their title.

There were also industry analysts in attendance including Andrew White, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst from Gartner, and Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer from MDM Institute. You can read Andrew’s first impressions of the event in his recent blog post.

These analysts have been prescient about how the role of data professionals will evolve. Collibra Chief Technology Officer, Stan Christiaens, published an analysis of past analyst predictions and how they have come to fruition. We know that how we care for our data is critical to all businesses and organizations in the digital world. Analysis and prediction are useless without data that is available, known, and trusted. Effective stewardship of our data is the only way that data becomes the incredible asset that we expect. We here at Collibra look forward to collaborating with all data citizens as we create the future of data.



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