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govern your data

If You Govern Your Data, but Nobody Can Find It, Is It Really Governed?

Ask any business person in the world if they’ve ever struggled to find the data they need to do their job, and the answer will likely be a resounding yes. Finding data – and knowing it’s good enough to use – has been a problem since the first days of computing. And today, that problem…

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Data Profiling Blog

Leveraging Apache® Spark™ for Data Profiling and AI/ML for Data Lineage to Revolutionize Data Governance

Recently I talked to a Data Governance Program Manager of a large enterprise customer about how difficult it was for him get a corporate-wide view on data quality. I learned that large companies can have many different rules engines to check quality and curate data. Each of these tools are good at what they need to…

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Global Information Governance Day

Happy Global Information Governance Day

February 16th is Global Information Governance Day.  I have always thought that these national “holidays” were a bit strange, varying from the silly (National Pizza Day, February 9th. But isn’t every day pizza day?) to the self-congratulatory (National Weatherman’s Day, February 5th). However, Global Information Governance Day (#GIGD) does bring home the magnitude of the…

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love data governance

3 Reasons Why I Love Data Governance (and You Should, Too)

I love data. It’s the secret to uncovering insights you never imagined possible. It’s the fuel that feeds the AI revolution. And it sets disrupters apart from traditional businesses. Yet what I love even more than data is data governance because it propagates a love for data in corporate culture. Data governance makes the sky…

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