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The Cloud: Why and How Enterprises are Making the Move

Organizations of all industries and sizes have been focusing much of their efforts and resources on a digital transformation. This includes enterprise-wide integration of technology to create a more efficient and streamlined way of doing business. As the digital transformation takes center stage, it’s more apparent than ever that this effort not only requires data,…

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Are You Getting Value From Your Data Lake? (But are you, really?)

At a time when data is growing exponentially, when data sources are multiplying in quick time, and when machines are connecting data points at speeds that outstrip our own human capacity for thought, we need a great new way to store vast amounts of data and make it accessible to analysts and other data users…

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You Have a Data Lake, Now What?

When you started your data lake you likely had some expectations. Now that your data is no longer in silos, your users should be able to find exactly what they need and trust that it’s accurate; however, simply moving your data into a data lake is just not enough. Without a clear purpose or enough…

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Moving Your Enterprise Across the Pond

Startups and tech companies are created and developed all over the globe. Many of these companies who get their start in Europe make the move across the pond and put down roots in the US. There are a lot of reasons why an organization would choose to make this move; Forbes published an interview with…

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