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Why Data Literacy Matters

Growing up in a multilingual country, I know firsthand how learning a second, third, or fourth language can help connect you to more people and experiences. For knowledge workers today, the ability to “speak” data, just as one might speak a new language, is an invaluable skill. In the past, only a small group of…

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One Collibra: Celebrating Our Pride Community

At Collibra, we strive to make sure that everything we do aligns with our company values. And our number one value is: We are one Collibra. What does that mean? As a global company with offices located in every corner of the world, and a diverse group of employees from various backgrounds, cultures and beliefs,…

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Reflecting on Data Citizens ‘19: The Future of Data Intelligence Starts Now

Each year after we close our annual Data Citizens conference I feel energized – but this year was particularly significant. Last week we hosted the largest Data Citizens yet, with close to 700 attendees representing over 300 companies from industries spanning financial services, utilities, telco, technology, retail, healthcare, universities, and more. When we started Collibra…

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Data Citizens ’19 Day Two – Making Data Intelligence the Goal

Yesterday was the second and final day of Data Citizens ’19 – our annual conference – and we explored how organizations are striving to put the concepts supporting data intelligence into practice in different ways. It’s clear that while regulatory use cases may drive some momentum, most organizations are looking at how they support business…

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