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London Calling: Mark Your Calendars for Data Citizens EMEA ‘19

Data Citizens ‘19 was the largest Data Citizens yet, with close to 700 attendees from around the world joining us for the sold-out conference in New York. Our global community of data citizens has grown exponentially in the past few years, and we’re actively seeking out new ways to reach more of you by expanding…

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Four Good Reasons to Embrace the CCPA Right Now

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) may seem at first glance to be just another compliance project in need of a quick, tactical fix. However, it would be a mistake to take this approach. Organizations should step back and look at the bigger picture when considering how to address CCPA. There are four key reasons…

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Getting Data Enablement Right – The Big Cultural Challenge

Data enablement is a fundamental ingredient for true data intelligence – any data citizen should be able to uncover and extract the value from their organization’s data. Yet, real data enablement can be challenging to foster within a data program. A new e-book from Collibra offers key steps that data teams can take to nurture…

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Why Data Literacy Matters

Growing up in a multilingual country, I know firsthand how learning a second, third, or fourth language can help connect you to more people and experiences. For knowledge workers today, the ability to “speak” data, just as one might speak a new language, is an invaluable skill. In the past, only a small group of…

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