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Self-Service BI

It’s Like Amazon, But for Data: The Key to Sustainable Self-Service BI

A well-deserved buzz around self-service business intelligence (BI) links to the concept of democratizing the large volumes of data across the enterprise to make it accessible and consumable by everyone. And the darlings of startup community are capitalizing on this concept. As we can learn from an article by the leading AirBnb experts, as well as…

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5 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs Data Governance

5 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs Data Governance Now

Like going to the gym or skipping ice cream, most of us involved directly or indirectly with data in healthcare are at least aware that we “should” do something about data governance.  Some of us have even told ourselves, or our colleagues, that we’re going to make sure that our healthcare data governance initiative gets…

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Data Rules the World

Data Rules the World (Don’t Lag Behind!)

It’s sad, but true. The world, as we remember it, no longer exists. Gone are the days when gut feels and executives’ opinions were the sole basis for decisions. Many things that were important in the past are gone and we rush forward with new goals, priorities, and principles. Let’s just agree with this fact….

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Getting Value from your Data

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting What You Need From Your Data

Data is only useful when it’s easily discoverable, meaningful to the people who need to use it, and, above all, trustworthy. But creating real value from your data can be challenging. Here are five roadblocks you might need to address before you can establish a business intelligence program that truly delivers. 1. You have a…

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