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Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing – Getting Data Governance Off The Ground

  Getting a data governance program up and running can seem like an enormous task. At a November Meetup in Detroit, two data governance teams gave the audience their advice, wrapped under the three traditional project stages to achieve top performance:   1. Forming Don’t boil the ocean – When beginning a data governance program,…

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AWS re:Invent Recap: Privacy, Governance, and Data Catalogs

After the action-packed week that was AWS re:Invent, it’s time to reflect on the lessons we learned and explore how we can take action.  Rather than focus on the flurry of news (you can always go to their website to see all of the product announcements), we thought it was best to summarize the conversations that…

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Data and Ethics: At the Beginning of the Conversation

Questions are being raised about the ethical treatment of the data that powers the advances in AI. In fact, data ethics was the focus of Collibra’s NYC Data Citizens Meetup held in early November.  More than 50 industry leaders came together to explore the new area of data ethics. Organizations are recognizing that the poor handling…

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Data Lakes in the Cloud?

As a metaphor, it seems to defy the laws of physics. But today, more and more organizations are taking a look at how moving their data lake to the cloud can help them discover new efficiencies, lower costs, and drive more value from their data assets. Hadoop, the platform that arguably made the data lake…

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