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You Have a Data Lake, Now What?

When you started your data lake you likely had some expectations. Now that your data is no longer in silos, your users should be able to find exactly what they need and trust that it’s accurate; however, simply moving your data into a data lake is just not enough. Without a clear purpose or enough…

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Moving Your Enterprise Across the Pond

Startups and tech companies are created and developed all over the globe. Many of these companies who get their start in Europe make the move across the pond and put down roots in the US. There are a lot of reasons why an organization would choose to make this move; Forbes published an interview with…

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Quantifying ROI from Data Governance and Catalog Investments

Data is becoming an increasingly prominent and valuable business asset. Today’s organizations are using data in nearly every stage and department of their business, but many have yet to use it to its full potential. For organizations to be truly data-driven, they need to easily and quickly find, understand, and trust their data for greater…

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5 key factors for a successful GDPR Solution

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was an important step in forcing businesses to think differently about their data while giving consumers some control over their personal data as well. As GDPR became front of mind for everyone, the method by which businesses attempted the journey to compliance varied greatly. Now that the deadline has…

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