Collibra use case

Streamline compliance management

An intelligent approach to data compliance

Tackle today's critical regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, BCBS 239, CCAR, DFAST and Solvency II, with a holistic approach to data privacy and data governance.

Less risk. More compliance.

Create transparency around data flows

Dynamically generate a data map to quickly visualize how data flows within the organization, between third parties and across borders, to manage risks.

Accelerate compliance reporting

View data in ways that make sense for your organization and quickly leverage relevant data for reporting, auditing and regulatory responses.

The Collibra advantage

Sensitive data discovery

Leverage machine learning to accurately recognize and label sensitive data.

Sustainable data governance

Standardize definitions, establish ownership and automate policies to easily scale governance across regulations. Accelerate compliance efforts by enabling employees to access and use accurate, trusted and compliant data.

Embedded privacy by design

Enable responsible access and use of data across all of your teams.

Data mapping with automated data lineage

Generate a visual map of how data flows throughout the organization, enabling teams to manage cross-border data transfers.

Continuous data quality

Ensure data used in reporting meets the rigor and integrity necessary for regulatory reporting, responses and audits.

Customer stories

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The struggles of manual privacy operations and data compliance issues


Required capabilities and process flow for intelligent data privacy

Product video

Collibra Data Privacy demo: the tools for compliance


Data management: a customer-centric approach to data privacy

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