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Experience Collibra Data Intelligence Platform for 14 days

  • Establish trust in business reports to drive smarter business decisions
  • Build an organizationally accepted business glossary
  • Reduce manual rule writing and errors
  • Collaborate and share analytics across your organization
  • Create a unified view of your data assets without moving data
  • Understand and manage corporate data policies

Here’s what is included

Data Catalog

Get a unified view of all your data assets within a single source of truth

Find the data you need using business language

Gain trust in the data with end-to-end visibility and context

Automate data processes to build and share your work

Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance

Register databases into the catalog

Discover native, automated data lineage

Understand business terms within the right context

Discover and comply to corporate data policies

Trusted Business Reporting use case

Connect to Snowflake or any data source

Connect to Tableau or your favorite BI tool

Certify BI reports

View metrics and definitions

Data Quality & Observability use case

Connect to Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery

Explore continuous data quality monitoring

Create custom SQL data quality rules

Discover auto-generated quality issue detection


View and manage organizational data policies to ensure the proper use of data

Understand which data is classified as sensitive and how it should be handled

Create rules and standards to govern data access and protect data

Maintain compliance and ensure data is protected according to defined policies

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