On-demand webinar

Migration to deployment of data products in Snowflake at the speed of business

Unlock Access this on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • How to begin your migration strategy with the right solutions to achieve your desired end result
  • How to build your data product strategy for focus and immediate business returns. Stack rank your required data products based on internal ROI to increase efficiency or external monetization to generate revenue.
  • Using Collibra to find specific, high quality data and facilitate the migration with focus and speed.
  • Using DataOps.live, how do you adopt an agile development philosophy based on #TrueDataOps, that allows you the quickest path to develop, test and deploy data products with Snowpark and the Snowflake Data Cloud.
  • Understand the ongoing benefits of integrated platforms with Snowflake and Collibra.



In this June 2023 webinar, Collibra is joined by DataOps.live and Snowflake to discuss the all-encompassing topic of data migration. Through the collaboration across these orgs, creating a ROI focused data migration strategy is attainable for any enterprise today.